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Great Britain:Toward Democracy

Which state symbolized the confident liberal state? Great Britain
How was Great Britain different from all other states? Great Britain didn’t have to create institutions and learn how to live within them
Who led the Reform League? John Bright
Who led the Conservative Ministry? Benjamin Disraeli
What happened in 1870? Competitive examinations for the civil service replaced patronage.
What happened in 1871? The purchase of officers’ commissions in the army was abolished.
What was the Ballot Act of 1872? It introduced voting by secret ballot.
What was the Education Act of 1870? For the first time the government assumed responsibility for establishing and running elementary schools.
Who succeeded Gladstone in 1874 as prime minister? Desraeli
What was the Public Health Act of 1875? It consolidated previous legislation on sanitation and reaffirmed the duty of the state to interfere with private property to protect health and physical well being.
In what year did the third reform act give a vote to most male farm workers? 1884
In 1886, a group known as the.. joined with the Conservatives to defeat home rule? Liberal Unionists
Created by: Cianci