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what is a clear soup clear broth or stock that has not been thickened
what does a broth made of? meat and veggies
what are the quality standards for broths clear, well seasoned, golden brown color, and served hot
wht r veggie soups cleaner distinct flavoring and very hearty
componnets of consomme ground meat, cut veggies,leeks,egg whites,an acid..lemon juice,aromatics
wht are the type of thick soups cream and purree
wht does cream require main ingredient.. brocalli, mushroomasimmered n veloute or bechamel sauce
puree soups cream soups but thickened. purreeing ingredients
speciality soups gumbo, bisque cold chilled soups
consomme Consommés are intensely flavored stocks or broths that have been clarified.
Components of Consommé Ground meat of the flavor intended Cut vegetables—finely chopped, julienne-cut, or ground with the meat, which add structure to the raft Leeks, which assist in clarification and add flavor Egg whites, which contain a high amount of albumen; cooked albu
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