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MedTerm Quiz 2

Chapter 1 Section 2

Pertaining to the heart Cardiac
Pertaining to the small intestine Enteric
Pertaining to the stomach Gastric
Pertaining to the blood hematic
Pertaining to the voice box laryngeal
Pertaining to the nerve Neural
Pertaining to the eye Ophthalmatic
Pertaining to the ear Otic
Pertaining to the lungs Pulmonary
Upon or over the stomach Epigastric
around the heart Pericardial
Pertaining to the study of Nerves Neurological
Pertaining to above Superior
Puncture to withdraw fluid from a joint Arthocentesis
Surgically remove the stomach Gastrectomy
Surgically create an opening for the colon through the abdominal wall colostomy
Surgical fixation of a kidney Nephropexy
Surgical repair of the skin dematoplasty
Puncture to withdraw fluid -centesis
Surgical removal -ectomy
Surgically create an opening -ostomy
Cutting into -otomy
Surgical fixation -pexy
Surgical repair -plasty
suture -rrhaphy
record or picture -gram
instrument for recording -graph
process of recording -graphy
instrument for measuring -meter
process of measuring -metry
instrument for veiwing -scope
process of visually examining -scopy
record of the heart's electricity Electrocardiogram
instrument for recording the heart's electrical activity Electrocardiograph
process of recording the heart's electrical activity Electrocardiography
Instrument for veiwing the joints Arthroscope
The process of veiwing the joints Arthroscopy
Instrument for veiwing the ear Otoscope
The process of vewing the ear Otoscopy
The process of veiwing the eye Ophthalmoscopy
Instrument for veiwing the eye Ophthalmoscope
Instrument for vewing the stomach Gastroscope
The process of vewing the stomach Gastroscopy
Instrument to take the temperature Thermometer
To surgically create an opening in the stomach Gastrostomy
To suture the kidneys Nephrorrhaphy
To surgically repair the nose Rhinoplasty
To surgically repair the joint Arthroplasty
Removal of the fluid around the organs Paracentesis
Cut -tom
Drooping -ptosis
ends in y process/procedure
softening -malacia
Runny nose Rhinorrhea
condition of the kidney Nephrosis
treatment therapy
Created by: lynette.thorpe