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Med Term circulatory

Circulatory System

angi/o vessel
vas/o vessel
vascul/o vessel
aort/o aorta
arter/o artery
arteri/o artery
arteriol/o arteriole
ather/o yellow fatty plaque
phleb/o vein
ven/o vein
venul/o venule
cardiomyopathy primary disease of the heart muscle
myocarditis inflammation of the heart muscle
endocarditis caused by infective microorganisms that invade the endocardium; frequently affects heart valves
angina pectoris severe chest pain and constriction about the heart caused by an insufficient supply of blood to the heart itself (angina is derived from latin for "to choke")
arrhythmia irregularity or loss of rhythm of the heart beat (dysrhythmia is more technically correct)
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
congenital heart defect abnormalities present in the heart at birth
congestive heart failure condition characterized by weakness, breathlessness, and edema in lower portions of the body; the work demanded of the heart is greater than its ability to perform; also called congestive heart disease
coronary artery disease abnormal condition that affects the heart's arteries and produces various pathologic effects, especially the reduced flow of blood to the myocardium
coronary heart disease heart damage resulting from insufficient oxygen caused by pathologic changes in coronary arteries
fibrillation severe cardiac arrhythmia in which contractions are too rapid and uncoordinated for effective blood circulation
heart murmur soft blowing or rasping sound that may be heard when listening to the heart w/a stethoscope; it is not necessarily pathologic
hypertension elevated blood pressure. usually above 140/100
hypotension low blood pressure. usually below 95/60
infarction necrosis of a localized area of tissue caused by lack of blood supply to that area. can result in obstruction or narrowing of the artery
myocardial infarction the death of an area of the heart muscle that occurs as a result of oxygen deprivation
occlusion obstruction of the artery that supplies blood to that tissue
stenosis narrowing of the artery that supplies blood to that tissue
myocardial ischemia deficiency of blood supply to the myocardium
shock condition in which blood flow to the heart is reduced to such an extent that body tissues do not receive enough blood
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