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Cianci-- Burns

France: From Liberal Empire to the Third Republic

Historians divide the reign of him into years of authoritarian empire and liberal empire Napoleon III
Supporters of Napoleon army, property owners, the French Catholic Church, peasants, and businesspeople
Austrain military leader of the expedition that ended in defeat and his execution Archduke Maximilian
active in French politics; negotiated a settlement with Prussia; assembly gave him power Adolphe Thiers
new municipal government proclaimed on March 28,1871 Paris Commune
The National Assembly's monarchist majority was divided in loyalty between these 2 houses Bourbon and Orleans
monarchists elected this conservative army officer as President; he was expected to prepare for a monarchist restoration Marshal Patrice MacMahon
greatest trauna of the Third Republic Dreyfus Affair, a Jew
Alfred Dreyfus was found guilty of this; although it was later found that the evidence was forged Passing secret information to the German army
novelist convicted of libel that fled to England to avoid sentence Emile Zola
what did the conservatives embrace anti-Semtism
who formed an alliance which outlived the Dreyfus case radicals, republicans, and socialists
Created by: Cianci