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a-,an- Without
ab- Away from
abdomin(/o)- Of or relating to the abdomen
-ac,-acal Pertaining to
acanth(/o)- Thorn or Spine
acous(/io)- Hearing
-acusis Hearing
-ad toward, in the direction of
ad- increase, adherence, motion toward, very
aden(/o)-,aden(/i)- Gland
adip(/o)- Fat or Fatty tissue
adren(/o)- adrenal glands
-ameia Blood condition
aer(/o)- Air, Gas
aesthesio- Sensation
-al,-ar Pertaining to
alge(/si)- Pain
-algia Pain
alg(/io)- Pain
ambi- Denoting something as positioned on both sides; Describing both of two
amnio- Pertaining to the membranous fetal sac (amnion)
amph-,amphi- On both sides
ana- Back, Again, Up
an(/o)- Anus
andr(/o)- Pertaining to a man
angi(/o)- Blood vessel
aniso- Unequal
ankly(/o)-,ancly(/o)- Crooked or Bent
ante- Describing something as positioned in front of another thing
anti- Against, opposed to
apo- separated from, derived from
arch(/i,/e,/o)- First, primitive
arsen(/o)- Pertaining to a male;masculine
arteri(/o)- Artery
articul(/o)- Joint
-ary Pertaining to
-ase Enzyme
-asthenia Weakness
atel(/o)- imperfect or incomplete
ather(/o)- Fatty deposit, Soft gruel-like deposit
-ation Process
atri(/o)- atrium (esp,heart atrium)
aur(/i)- Pertaining to the ear
aut(/o)- Self
aux(/o)- increase;growth
axill- armpit (pertaining to)
balano- Glans penis or glans clitoridis
bi- double,twice
bio- life
blast(/o)- Germ or bud
blephar(/o)- eyelid
brachi(/o)- Arm
brachy- Short or little
brady- Slow
bronch(/i)- Bronchus
bucc(/o)- Cheek
capill- Hair
capit- pertaining to the head as a whole
carcin(/o)- Cancer
cardi(/o)- Heart
carp(/o)- Wrist
cata- down, under
-cele Hernia, pouching
-centesis Surgical puncture
cephal(/o)- Head (as a whole)
cerat(/o)- a horn
cerebell(/o)- Cerebellum
cerebr(/o)- Brain (Cerebrum)
cervic- neck, the cervix
chem(/o)- Chemistry, Drug
chrom(/ato)- Colour
cili- Cilia
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
O2 Oxygen
pH Acidity or Alkalinity
nas/o- Nose
Rhino/o- Nose
Sept/o- Septum
Sinus/o- Sinus, cavity
Adenoid/o- Adenoids
Tonsill/o- Tonsils
Pharyng/o- Pharynx (throat)
Epiglott/o- Epiglottis
Laryng/o- Larynx (Voice box)
Trache/o- Trachea (wind pipe)
bronchi/o- bronchiole
alveol/o- Air sac (alveolus)
Pleur/o- Pleura
Pneum/o- Air;Lung
Pneumon/o- Air;Lung
Pulmon/o- Lung
Anthrac/o- Coal, Coal dust
Coni/o- Dust
Cyan/o- Blue
Lob/o- Lobe
Orth/o- Straight
Ox/i, Ox/o- Oxygen
Pector/o- Chest
Steth/o- Stethoscope (instrument to view the chest)
Thorac/o- Chest
Phren/o- Diaphragm;mind
Spir/o- Breath
-capnia Carbon Dioxide
-osmia Smell
-phonia Voice
-pnea Breathing
-ptysis Spitting
-thorax Chest
dys- Painful, Difficult, Bad
eu- Good, Normal
tachy- rapid, fast
ABG Arterial Blood Gases
AFB Acid-Fast Bacillus
AP Anteroposterior
ARDS Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CXR Chest X-Ray
CT Computed Tomography
DPI Dry Powder Inhaler
VC Vital Capacity
DPT Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
EEG Electroencephalogram/graphy
Hx History
FVC Forced Vital Capacity
HMD Hyaline Membrane Disease
Hb, Hgb Hemoglobin
IPPB Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing
IRDS Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome
MDI Metered Dose Inhaler
PO2 Partial Pressure of Oxygen
RD Respiratory Distress
RDS Respiratory Distress Syndrome
SaO2 Arterial Oxygen Saturation
SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SOB Shortness Of Breath
T&A Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy
TB Tuberculosis
TPR Temperature Pulse Respirations
URI Upper Respiratory Infection
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
NMT Nebulized Mist Treatment
PA Posteroanterior OR Pernicious Anemia
PCO2 Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide
PCP Primary Care Physician
PFT Pulmonary Function Test
PND Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea
extra- Outside, Outward
hyper- Excessive
intra- In, Within
macro- Large
poly- Many, Much
syn- Union, Together, Joined
endo- Within, In
hypo- Deficient
micro- Small
peri- Around
pre- Before
-ar Relating to
-ectomy Excision, Surgical removal of
-itis Inflammation
-megaly Enlargement
-ology Study of
-osis Abnormal condition
-stomy Surgical Opening
-ia Condition
-ist Specialist
-meter Instrument for measure
-oma Tumour
-scope Instrument to view
-tomy Incision, to cut into
albin/o White
anthrac/o Black
chrom/o No colour
chlor/o Green
cirrh/o Orange-yellow
erythem/o Red
erythr/o Red
jaund/o Yellow
leuk/o White
lutein/o Saffron yellow
leuc/o White
melan/o Black
poli/o Gray
rube/o Red
rhod/o Red
xanth/o Yellow
bin- Two
ex- , ex/o- Outside, Outward
hemi- Half
eso- Inward
epi- Upon, On, Above
endo- Within
ecto- Outside, Outer
multi- Many
para- Beside, Beyond, Around
post- After
retro- Behind, Back
semi- Half
sub- Under, Below
super- Over, Above
tachy- Fast, Rapid
tetra- Four
trans- Through, Across, Beyond
tri- Three
uni- One
-agra Excessive Pain
-cidal Killing
-cyte Cell
-eal Pertaining to
-dynia Pain
-ectasis Dilation, Expansion
-emia Blood condition
-ptosis Drooping, Sagging, Prolapse
-trophy Nourishment
-tome Instrument used to cut
-stenosis Constriction, Narrowing
-spasm Involuntary Muscle Contraction
-scopy Visual Examination
-scopic Visual Examination
-scope Instrument used for Visual Examination
-sclerosis Hardening
-salpinx Fallopian Tube
-rrhexis Rupture
-rrhea Excessive Discharge
-rraphy Suturing, Reparing
-rrhagia Rapid flow of blood
-plegia Paralysis
-plasty Plastic or Surgical Repair
-phonia Sound or Voice
-phagia Eating, Swallowing
-pexy Surgical Fixation, Suspension
-pathy Disease
arthr/o Joint
acoust/o Hearing
aden/o Gland
aort/o Aorta
articul/o Joint
ather/o Yellowish, Fatty Plaque
aur/o Ear
core/o Pupil
coron/o Heart
cor/o Pupil
crani/o Cranium (Skull)
conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva
cortic/o Cortex
corne/o Cornea
dermat/o Skin
dipl/o Double , Two
ech/o Sound
electr/o Electrical Activity
derm/o Skin
dextr/o Right
dors/o Back (of the body)
dur/o Hard, dura mater
embry/o Embryo; to be full
encephal/o Brain
fibr/o Fibrous tissue
gangli/o Ganglion
gingiv/o Gum
glyc/o Sugar
hem/o Blood
hepat/o Liver
hydr/o Water
hypn/o Sleep
immun/o Immune
is/o Equal, Same
kerat/o Cornea
hom/o Same
herni/o Hernia
hemat/o Blood
glycos/o Sugar
gluc/o Sweetness;sugar
gastr/o Stomach
faci/o Face
kerat/o Horny tissue ;Hard
kinesi/o Movement;motion
labi/o Lips
lacrim/o Tear duct;Tear
macr/o Abnormal Largeness
mandibul/o Mandible
mastoid/o Mastoid
mening/o Meninges
men/o Menstruation
metr/o Uterus
morph/o Form, Shape
myc/o Fungus
myelon/o Bone marrow
myring/o Eardrum
narc/o Stupor, numbness , sleep
nephr/o Kidney
noct/o Night
ocul/o Eye
opt/o Vision
organ/o Organ
ot/o Ear
path/o Disease
phac/o Lens of eye
phas/o Speech
kin/o Movement
labyrinth/o Labyrinth
lact/o Milk
later/o Side
lip/o Fat
lymph/o Lymph
mamm/o Breast
mast/o Breast
mon/o One
muc/o Mucus
myel/o Bone marrow, Spinal cord
myos/o Muscle
my/o Muscle
necr/o Death
nyct/o Night
neur/o Nerve
onc/o Tumour
ophthalm/o Eye
or/o Mouth
oste/o Bone
ov/o Egg
pachy/o Thick
phleb/o Vein
phot/o Light
poli/o Gray matter
plasm/o Plasma
poster/o Back (of the body)
pseud/o Fake;false
py/o Pus
pupil/o Pupil
prostat/o Prostate Gland
quadr/o Four
radic/o Nerve Root
radicul/o Nerve Root
rect/o Rectum
retin/o Retina
ren/o Kidney
salping/o Fallopian (uterine) tube
scapul/o Scapula
somat/o Body
son/o Sound
sperm/o,spermat/o Spermatozoa; Sperm
tars/o Edge of eyelid;tarsal
somn/o Sleep
scler/o Sclera;hard
sphygm/o Pulse
toxic/o Poison
trache/o Trachea
tox/o Poison
thyroid/o Thyroid Gland
staped/o Stapes (middle ear bone)
tars/o Tarsals (ankle bones)
therm/o Heat
thromb/o Clot
urin/o,ur/o Urine; Urinary tract
uter/o Uterus
vagin/o Vagina
valvul/o Valve
ven/o Vein
tympan/o Eardrum
albumin/o Albumin (Protein)
bacteri/o Bacteria
crypt/o Hidden
cyst/o,vesic/o Bladder
cali/o,calic/o Calyx
epididym/o Epididymis
glomerul/o Glomerulus
olig/o Scanty
ureter/o Ureter
pyel/o Renal Pelvis
vas/o Vas deferens, duct, vessel
urethr/o Urethra
vesicul/o Seminal Vesicle
orchi/o,orch/i,orchid/o Testes
-genesis Forming, Producing, Origin
-iasis Abnormal Condition
-uria Urine
epi- Above, On top
juxta- Beside, Next to
peri- Around
A/G Albumin-globulin ratio
HD Hemodialysis;Hip disarticulation;hearing distance
AGN Acute Glomerulonephritis
IVP Intravenous Pyelography
ARF Acute Renal Failure
IVU Intravenous Urography
ATN Acute Tubular Necrosis
K Potassium
BNO Bladder Neck Obstruction
KUB Kidney, Ureter, Bladder
BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia/hypertrophy
Na Sodium
BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen
PCNL Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
C & S Culture & Sensitivity
cath Catheterization; Catheter
PSA Prostate-Specific Antigen
cysto Cystoscopy
RP Retrograde Pyelography
DRE Digital Rectal Examination
SG, sp.gr Specific Gravity
ED Erectile Dysfunction, Emergency Department
TSE Testicular Self-Examination
ESRD End-Stage Renal Disease
TUR, TURP Transurethral Resection Of The Prostate
ESL, ESWL Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy
UA Urinalysis
EU Excretory Urography
UTI Urinary Tract Infection
-spadias Slit, Fissure
andr/o Male
Spermat/o,Sperm/o Spermatozoa, Sperm
vesic/o, vesicul/o Seminal Vesicle
epididym/o Epididymis
balan/o Glans Penis
cyst/o Bladder
test/o Testis
varic/o Dilated Vein
gonad/o Gonads, Sex Glands
cervic/o Cervix uteri,neck
episi/o, vulv/o Vulva
colp/p, vagin/o Vagina
gynec/o Women, Female
galact/o, lact/o Milk
hyster/o, metr/o, uter/o Uterus, womb
lapar/o Abdomen
labi/o Lip, Labia
men/o Menses, Menstruation
oophor/o, ovari/o Ovary
nat/o Birth
ov/o, ov/i Egg
perine/i Perineum
-arche Beginning
-cyesis, -gravida Pregnancy, pregnant women
-para To bear (off spring)
-version Act of turning
-tocia Childbirth, Labour
lacti- Milk
primi- First
Multi- Many, Most
AB;ab Abortion;antibody
PMP Previous Menstrual Period
Ai Artificial Insemination
PMS Premenstrual Syndrome
BSE Breast Self-Examination
R/O Rule Out
CPD Cephalopelvic Disproportion
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection
STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases
D & C Dilatation(Dilation) & Curettage
DC Discharge
TAH Total Abdominal Hysterectomy
TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome
DUB Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
Dx Diagnosis
TVH Total Vaginal Hysterectomy
VD Venereal Disease
EDC Estimated Date of Confinement
ERT Estrogen Replacement Therapy
CS; C-Section Cesarean Section
CVS Chronic Villus Sampling
FH Family History
FSH Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
CWP Childbirth Without Pain
DOB Date Of Birth
FHR Fetal Heart Rate
FHT Fetal Heart Tone
G Gravida
GYN Gynecology
HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
HSG Hysterosalpingography
HSV Herpes Simplex Virus
IUD Intrauterine Device
LH Luteinizing Hormone
LMP Last Menstrual Period
LSO Left Salpingo-oopheroectomy
MH Marital History
OCPs Oral Contraceptive Pills
Pap Papanicolaou's Smear
PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
XY Male Sex Chromosomes
XX Female Sex Chromosomes
UC Uterine Contractions
Para 1,2,3 Unipara, Bipara, Tripara
OB Obstetrics
NB Newborn
LBW Low Birth Weight
IVF-ET In Vitro Fertilization And Embryo Transfer
HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
FTND Full-Term Normal Delivery
Allo- Other; differing from usual
Con- Together
De- From; down from; lack of
Dia- Through
Dis- To undo; Free From
Infra- Under;Below
Mal- Bad
Meta- After;Beyond;Change
Meso- Middle
Neo- New
Nulli- None
Pan- all;total
Re- Back
Supra- Above
Ultra- Beyond;Excess
-apheresis Removal
-atresia Absence of a normal body opening;Occlusion;Closure
-clasia Break
-clast Break
-clysis Irrigating;washing
-coccus Berry shaped (from of bacteria), pl.cocci
-crine Seperate;secrete
-crit To Seperate
-desis Surgical fixation;fusion
-drome Run;running
-ectopia Displacement
-emesis Vomiting
-emia Blood Condition
-er One who
-esis Condition
-gen Substance or agent that produces or causes
-genic Producing;Originating;Causing
-genis Forming;Beginning
-genesis Origin;Cause (Forming)
-gnosis Knowing
-iatry Physician;Treatment
-ician One who
-ictal Seizure;Attack
-lyptic Destroy;Reduce
-mania Madness;Insane desire
-metry Measurement
-morph Form;Shape
-odia Smell
-oid Resembling
-ologist One who studies practices (specialist)
-opia Vision (Condition)
-opsy To view
-ostomy Creation of an artificial opening
-ous Pertaining to
-oxia Oxygen
-paresis Slight Paralysis
-penia Abnormal reduction in number
-pepsia Digestion
-philia Love
-phily Love
-phoria Feeling
-physis Growth
-plasia Formation;Development;A growth
-plasm Growth;Substance;Formation
-poiesis Formation
-porosis Passage,Porous
-praxia In front of , before
-uria Urine Condition
-sarcoma Malignant tumor
-schisis Split,Fissure
-sepsis Infection
-sis State of
-stalsis Contration
-stasis Stop, Control
acetabul/o Acetabulum (hip socket)
acr/o Extremities; Height
adenoid/o Adenoids
adrenal/o Adrenal Gland
amyl/o Starch
ankyl/o Crooked;Stiff;Bent
aponeur/o Aponeurosis
atri/o Atrium
bil/o Bile
calc/o Calcium
caud/o Tail;Towards the lower part of the body
celi/o Abdomen (abdominal cavity)
cheil/o Lip
cholangi/o Bile duct
choledoch/o Common bile duct
chori/o Chorion
clavic/o Clavicle (Collar Bone)
col/o Colon
crypt/o Hidden
culd/o Culdesac
cry/o Cold
cost/o Rib
clavicul/o Clavicle (Collar bone)
chondr/o Cartilage
chol/o;chol/e Gall;Bile
chir/o Hand
cec/o Cecum
carp/o Carpals (Wrist bone)
burs/o Bursa (cavity)
blast/o Developing Cell
bacteri/o Bacteria
arteri/o Artery
appendic/o Appendix
antr/o Antrum
anis/o Unequal;Dissimilar
andr/o Male
amni/o Amnion
alveoli/o alveolus
albumin/o Albumin
adren/o Adrenal Gland
actin/o Ray;Radius
allo- Other, Differing from usual
con- Together
de- From, Down from, Lack of
dia- Through, Complete
dis- To undo, Free from
infra- Under, Below
mal- Bad
meta- After, Beyond, Change
meso- Middle
neo- New
nulli- None
pan- All, Total
re- Back
supra- Above
ultra- Beyond, Excess
cutane/o Skin
cyes/o Pregnancy
dacry/o Tear duct, Tear
dent/o Tooth
diaphor/o Sweat
diverticul/o Diverticulum, Turning, Bypass
duoden/o Duodenum
dynam/o Power, Strength
dactyl/o Fingers, Toes
diaphragmat/o Diaphragm
dips/o Thirst
ectop/o Located away from usual place
enter/o Small intestine
epitheli/o Epithelium
esophag/o Esophagus
eti/o Cause (of disease)
femor/o Femur
ger/o Old Age, Aged
gloss/o Tongue
gnath/o Jaw
gon/o Seed
gynec/o Woman
heter/o Other
hist/o Tissue
home/o Sameness,Unchanging
iatr/o Medicine, Physician
ile/o Ileum
ischi/o Ischium
kal/o Potassium
kary/o Nucleus
emmetr/o A Normal Measure
endocrin/o Endocrine
epididym/o Epididymis
jejun/o Jejunum
isch/o Deficiency, Blockage
irid/o Iris
episi/o Vulva
esthesi/o Sensation, Sensitivity, Feeling
fibul/o Fibula (lower leg)
geront/o Old age, Aged
glomerul/o Glomerulus
gnos/o Knowledge
gravid/o Pregnancy
gyn/o Woman
hidr/o Sweat
humer/o Humerus
hymen/o Hymen
hyster/o Uterus
ichthy/o Scaly, Dry
ili/o Ilium
lamin/o Lamina(thin, flat plate or layer)
lei/o Smooth
lingu/o Tongue
lith/o Stone, Calculus
lord/o Bent forward
meat/o Meatus (Opening)
nat/o Birth
omphal/o Umbilical, Naval
onych/o Nail
oophor/o Ovary
orchid/o Testis, Testicle
palat/o Palate
papill/o Little Mound
par/o Bear, Give Birth To, Labour
pelv/o Pelvis, Pelvic Bone
peritone/o Peritoneum
kyph/o Hump
lapar/o Abdomen
maxill/o Maxilla
melan/o Black
menisc/o Meniscus (Crescent)
ment/o Mind
olig/o Scanty, Few
oo/o Egg, Ovum
orchid/o Testis, Testicles
orch/o Testis, Testicles
pancreat/o Pancreas
parathyroid/o Parathyroid Gland
patell/o Patella (Kneecap)
part/o Bear, To Give Birth, Labour
ped/o Child, Foot
perine/o Perineum
petr/o Stone
phalang/o Bones of the Fingers/Toes
physic/o Nature
polyp/o Polyp: Small Growth
prim/o First
psych/o Mind
puerper/o Childbirth
pylor/o Pylorus
pyr/o Fever, Heat
rachi/o Vertebra, spinal or vertebral column
rhiz/o Nerve Root
sarc/o Flesh, Connective Tissue
seb/o Sebum (oil)
sial/o Saliva
sinus/o Sinus
spermat/o Spermatozoa, Sperm
splen/o Spleen
stern/o Sternum (Breastbone)
stomat/o Mouth
synovi/o Synovia, Synovial Membrane
tendin/o Tendon
ten/o Tendon
tibi/o Tibia (lower leg bone)
ton/o Tension, Pressure
top/o Place
phren/o Mind
pneumat/o Lung, Air
pod/o Foot
poikil/o Varied, Irregular
proct/o Rectum
pub/o Pubis
pyel/o Renal Pelvis
radi/o Radius
rhabd/o Rod-shaped, Striated
rhytid/o Wrinkles
scoli/o Crooked, Curved
sigmod/o Sigmoid Colon
spondyl/o Vertebra, Spinal or Vertebral Column
staphyl/o Grape-like Clusters
strept/o Twisted Chains
system/o System
tend/o Tendon
test/o Testis, Testicles
thym/o Thymus Gland
thry/o Thyroid Gland
tom/o Cut, Section
trich/o Hair
uln/o Ulna
ureter/o Ureter
vertebr/o Vertebra
viscer/o Internal Organs
vesicul/o Seminal Vesicles
vulv/o Vulva
xer/o Dry
uvul/o Uvula
urethr/o Urethra
ungu/o Nail
urethr/o Urethra
CA, Ca, ca Cancer, Carcinoma
CBC Complete Blood Count
C Culture & Sensitivity
CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
a.c, ac Before Meals
b.i.d. , bid Twice a Day
Bm, BM Bowel Movement
DX, Dx, dx Diagnosis
ER Emergency Room
GB Gallbladder
Hgb, HGB Hemoglobin
h.s., hs At Bedtime, Half hour of Sleep
inf Inferior
I Intake & Output
M Molar
mg Microgram
lat, LAT Lateral
inj Inject
HGH Human Growth Hormone
hb Hemoglobin
Dc, d/c, dc Discontinue
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, C-Reactive Problem
COMP Compound
c/o Complaints Of
Tabs Tablets
TIA Transient Ischemic Attack
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
UA Urinalysis
PMS Premenstrual Syndrome
ppm Parts Per Million
q Every Hour
q.h., qh Every Hour
q4h Every 4 Hours
RF Rheumatoid Factor, Rheumatic Fever
spec Specimen
sp gr, SG Specific Gravity
NPO, npo Nothing By Mouth
OU Both Eyes
Ob-GYN, OB-GYN Obstetrics & Gynecology
OT Occupational Therapy
PCO2 Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide
P.O., po By Mouth
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