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A&P chapt 2


Proton has a ______ charge? + charge
Neutron has a _____ charge? neutral charge
Electron has a ____ charge - charge
Non-ion have a ____ charge neutral charge
breaking chemical bond is ? decomposition
creating a chemical bond is? synthisis
Hydrogen symbol H
Carbon symbol C
Nitrogen symbol N
Oxygen symbol O
Fluroine symbol F
Sodium symbol Na
Magnesium symbol Mn
Iron symbol Fe
Phosphorus P
Sulfur symbal? S
Chlorine symbol? Cl
Potassium symbol? K
Calcium symbol? Ca
Maganese symbol? Mn
Cobalt symbol? Co
Copper symbol? Cu
Zinc symbol? Zn
Iodine symbol? I
ATP releases ? energy
Equal number of protons and electrons are? Non Ions
Covalent bonds ____ electrons? share
Take atoms to give a charge? Ionic bonds
Organic compounds contain? Carbon and Hydrogen atoms
Chemical reaction is? Creating or breaking chemical bond
Type of chemical reaction? Synthesis
Type of chemical reaction? Decomposition
Synthesis requires? Energy
Decomposition release? Energy
Solutes disasotiates in? Water
Lubrecant reduces? Friction
High specific heat requires? Energy
High specific heat gives off a lot of? Energy when cooled
High specific heat helps with? Homeostasis
Carbon dioxide is a molecule in the form of? Gas
Netrual PH is? 7
Carbohydrates is a? Energy sorce
Antigens are? Markers on cell membrains
Polysaccharides are? Many
Glycogen is a form of glucose storage in? Cell walls
Lipids are? Fats
Enzymes are? Proteins
Catalystes spead up reaztions without the need of? Heat
Allows ions to take place in other chemical reactions? Dissociation
Made up of only one type of atom? Element
Water within cells is? ICF
Includes surger, starch and glycogen? Carbohydrates
The valve that indicates and alcadinity? PH
Decreases the concentration of H+ ions Base
Speeds up the rate of chemical reaction Catalyst
Inorganic chemicals needed by the body in small amounts traceelements
Made of amino acids Protien
The sub units of protiens Amino acids
Minamizes changes in PH Buffer System
Energy production within cells Cell respiration
Bond that holds ions together Ionic bond
Will catalize only one type of reaction Enzyme
Dna and Rna are? Nucleatic acids
Smallest part of an element? Aton
Sharring of elections between atoms forms a _____ bond? Covalent bond
Increases the consentration of H+ ions? acid
includes true fat and steroids ECF
35 percent of the body total water lipids
direct sorce of energy for cells glucose
an atom that has a charge after loosing or gaining electrons is called? an ion
the smallest part of en element atom
normal ph range of blood is? 7.35 to 7.45
which formula depicts ions of sodium and chlorine? Na+
intraceliour fluid is the name for water found in? cells
enzymes or molecules that catalyze reactions and are all protiens
element for oxygen transport in the blood iron
Created by: RachWebb