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The Habsburg Empire

During the age of national states, liberal institutions, and industrialism, the Habsburg Empire domain remained what? Primarily dynastic, absolutist, and agrarian.
During the 1850s, Emperor Francis Joseph's ministers attempted to impose what? A centralized administrated which amounted to military and bureaucratic regime dominated by German-Speaking Austrians
What was the October Diploma issued by Francis Joseph in 1860? This created a federation among the states and provinces of the empire. There were to be local diets dominated by the landed classes and a single imperial parliament. However the Magyar rejected the plan.
What was the February Patent issued by the emperor in 1861? It established a bicameral parliament, or Reichsrat, with an upper chamber appointed by the emperor and an indirectly elected lower chamber.
How long did this last unlike the October Diploma? The Magyars refused to cooperate but it governed the empire for six years.
What was the Ausgleich, or Compromise, of 1867? This transformed the Habsburg Empire into a dual monarchy known as Austria-Hungary.
In Hungary, what was political loyalty based on? Nationality
Who were the most vocal critics of the Compromise of 1867? Th Czechs of Bohemia.
What did they favor? They favored a policy of "trialism", or triple monarchy, in which Czechs would have a position similar to that of the Hungarians.
What did Francis Joseph give the Germans and Czechs in 1897? He gave them equality of language in various localities.
What became the single most important factor in defining a nation? Language, the expansion of education made this possible.
What did the unrest of the various nationalities within the Habsburg Empire? It not only caused internal political difficulties, but also became a major source of political instability for all of central and eastern Europe.
Created by: Cianci