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Flavin NRCMA Review

Exam Review Guide 2021 General Part I

Articulus & athr/o mean joint
Ambi both
hair tricho
the body divided into front & back is by what plane? frontal
Colpectomy is aka vaginectomy
mitosis is cell division
Maslow's pyramid is: Life, safety, love & belongings
Gangrene is: death of tissue of necrosis
Basophils release histamine
____ is the most common site for males in the US. prostate (3rd cause of death)
Prophylaxix means: prevention
Staphylococci are arranged in: clusters
STREPTococci are arranged in: chains
Diplococci are arranged in: pairs
Protozoa is the ____ of animal life. lowest (single celled)
Intentional tort include ___ wrongs. Cival such as assault and battery
Glycogen is stored in the ____. liver and is a carb
Saturated fats are ___ at room temp. solid
Cytalgia means bladder pain
AS stands for ___________ or left ear. auris sinistra
Dactyl/o finger or toe
bench trial is a: judge without jury ruled on facts and law
heart is located in the anterior th_____x thorax
Opt/o refers to vision
Ocul/o refers to eye
Albumin is a p____ protein that helps regulate water balance
Scurvy can be from lack of: vit c
Negligence is a form of m_______ malpractice
Wernicke's area is responsible for l_______ language comprehension
Broca's are is responsible for motor speech and mouth control
the first section of sm. intestines duodenum
gallstones cholelithiais which is more common in women over 40
theory means a wide range prediction
Bipolar disorder euphoric and mania periods
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross thought there to be 5 stages of grief which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
-penia abnormal reduction
-plasia formation
It is important to allow the pt to ____ ____ for effective communication ask questions
C_________is a 1 sided relationship. Commensalism
Costectomy is the surgical removal of a rib
Trichomoniasis is a ____ infection vaginal
Bacteriostatic means: inhibiting bacterial growth
Aseptic means: free of infective material
Sterile means: free of living microorganisms
sympathy is when a person feels ___ for another person sad
Remission is partical or complete disappearance of a disease
night blindness can be due to a lack of Vit ___ A
Vit K is very important for the blood to ___ clot
Hidrosis is the production of sweat
Herpes zoster is an acute ___ infection viral aka shingles
liver & GB located in ___ region upper right
Anosmia is the loss or impairment of the sense of smell
Pt should rec'v respectful care. This is called the "Pt ____ of ____" Bill of Rights
each eye OU
retina is the innermost ___ of the eye layer
Progesterone prepares the ____ uterus
Vectors carry pathogenic organisms
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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