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Explain the differences between the different types of sandwiches. A traditional sandwich uses two slices of bread, a fancy sandwich is cut into shapes, and a club sandwich has three slices of bread.
Name two unusual breads that can be used to make sandwiches. Rolls, pita, taco shells, bagels, tortillas, etc.
How can you keep packed lunches cold and why is it necessary? Use a freezer gel pack, insulated lunch bag, vacuum bottle; to prevent bacterial growth
What is the difference between oil-based dressing and mayonnaise? They contain eggs so the oil doesn’t separate.
How do you wash salad greens? For iceberg lettuce, remove the core and let cold water run into the cavity for a minute or two. Let it drain in a colander. For leafy greens, pull leaves from the core, wash them under running water, and let the leaves drain.
List similarities and differences between cream soups and vegetable soups. Both are thick and can contain vegetables; cream soups are made with white sauces.
How do you prevent flour from lumping in a sauce? Add a small amount of fat to the mixture.
Why is meat browned before stewing? To make a darker stew.
How much liquid is used for braising? Just enough to cover the bottom.
Why is stir frying done on high heat? It cooks the vegetables while keeping them crisp.
List two types of batters and two types of dough. Pour batters, drop batters, soft doughs, and stiff doughs.
How do air, steam, and carbon dioxide work to leaven? They add lightness and volume to baked goods; by expanding as the baking progresses.
Why use a dark or light pan for baking? Dark pans retain more heat and create a thick crust.
List three quick breads. Muffins, quick-loaf breads, and biscuits.
Some baked goods should not be stored in the refrigerator. Why not? Fruit and custard pies and baked items that have fillings should be refrigerated. All others should not be.
Why are quick breads mixed for a short time only? To avoid overdeveloping the gluten and making them tough.
How much white flour is used in whole grain bread dough? At least one-third the amount of flour.
Explain punching down dough. After the first rise; by pushing your fist into the dough.
Name two low-fat alternatives to frosting a cake. Combine confectioner’s sugar and juice. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar over the cake.
List the basic types of cookies. Bar, drop, cut-out, rolled, molded, pressed, and sliced cookies.
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