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Cianci - Rowell

German Unification

He was elected to the provincial diet, where he was so reactionary, he disturbed even the king? Bismarck
The Danish War (1864) Bismarck persued a kleindtsch or small German, solution to unification
August 1865 Prussia and Austri negotiated the Convention of Gastein
April 1866 Bismarck promised Italy Ventetia if it attacked Austria in support of Prussia when war broke out
The Astro-Prussia War (1866) Bismarck ordered the Prussian forces to be as obnoxious as possible to the Austrians
June 1, 1866 Austria appealed to the GErman Confederation to interene in the dispute
The Treaty of Prague Was lenient toward Austria ceded as promised to Napolean III and permanently excluded the Austrian Habsburgs from German affairs.
The Northern German Confederation 1867: Prussia annexed Hanover, Hesse Kassel, Nassau, and the city of Frankfurt
Bundesrat a federal council composed of members appointed by the government of the states
Reichstag a lower house, chosen by universal male sufferage
This document becomes the constitution of the German Empire, possessed some of the appearances of liberalism The Constitution of the North German Confederation
Bismark wanted what south German states in the newly established Confederation? Bavaria, Wurtemburg, Baten, and Hesse Darmstadt
July 13, 1870 The French government instructed Benedetti to ask William fot assurance he would tolerate no future Spanish candidacy for Leopold
September 1 at the Battle of Sedan THe Germans not only beat the French army, but also catured Napolean III and by late September, Paris was besieged.
Created by: Cianci