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Basic Culinary #3

Slurry Mixture of raw starch and cold liquid used for thickening.
Roux Cooked mixture of flour and fat used as a thickener.
Nappe The consistency of a liquid, usually a sauce, that will coat the back of a spoon.
Demi gloss A mixture of half brown stock and half brown sauce, reduced by half.
Jus lie Sauce made by thickening brown stock (Jus) with slurry.
Raft Compound floating atop th consomme during clarification. It is compound of clearmeat and impurities from the stock.
Nage Aromatic court bouillon sometimes served as a light sauce or broth with fish or shellfish.
Liaison 3 egg yolks+1 cup heavy cream tempered to temperatures greater than 140*F but less than 180*F; Usually a finishing procedure.
Glace de Volaille Light brown, syrupy glaze made by reducing a chicken stock.
Beurre Manie Equal amounts, by weight, of flour and soft whole butter whisked into a simmering sauce at the end of the cooking process for quick thickening and added sheen and flavor.
Fumet Fish stock with wine and lemon juice added; strongly flavored, relatively colorless.
Monter au beurre To finish a sauce by whisking butter until it is melted; used to give sauces shine, flavor and richness.
Court Bouillon Poaching liquid used for fish and shellfish; Vegetable stock created by simmering vegetables and seasonings in water and an acidic liquid (ex. wine and vinegar)
Remouillage Reusing the bones left from making another stock by adding fresh mirepoix, a new sachet and enough water to cover the mirepoix and bones. Not as clear or flavorful as the original stock.
Consomme Rich stock or broth that has been clarified with clearmeat to remove impurities.
Reduction Cooking liquid such as a sauce so that the quantity decreases through evaporation.
Garnish decorative, edible accompaniment
Cornstarch and Arrowroot difference Cornstarch is economical, but doesn't reheat well. Arrowroot is expensive, more thickening power, clearer, and sauces come back better the next day.
3 stages of roux and what to use for each stage 1. White 3-4mins (Veloute) 2. Blond 5-7mins (Bechamel) 3. Brown 10-15mins (Espagnole)
5 mother sauces and a small sauce for each -Bechamel...Mornay -Espagnole...Robert -Tomato...Spanish -Hollandaise...Bernaise -Veloute...Mushroom
What temp. will a starch start to thicken? 160*F
6 properties of a sauce. Color Opacity Luster Texture Taste Viscosity
Body of a sauce. Develops when the collagen proteins dissolve in protein-based stock.
What does sauce add to a dish? Balance, flavor, moisture, and enhance other foods.
Explain what compound butter is. Made by incorporating various seasonings into softened whole butter.
How to use cornstarch to thicken a sauce. mix in cool liquid, incorporate into hot or cold liquid. Stir constantly if liquid is hot.
Pureed fruit or vegetable Couils
How do you clarify butter? Melt over low heat reducing and skimming the top.
Cooking methods Roasting, Grilling, Broiling, Baking, Sauteing pan frying, deep frying Poaching, Simmering, Boiling, Steaming
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