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Random CMII Ortho

CM II - Spring 2012

Zone of growth of bone? Metaphysis
Amphiarthrodial jts aka? Fibrocartilagenous - allow some movement
What is a sprain, and grades of it? Stretching of the ligaments from excessive force. Grade 1: Partial tear, but stable. Grade 2: Partial tear w/unstability. Grade 3: Complete tear
Open frxr aka? Compound
7P's are for what? What are they? Compartment syndrome. Pain, pressure, parasthesias, paresis, poikilothermia, pulselessness
Nervous supply to tendons vs synovial tissue? Tendons = none. Synovial tissue = rich nervous supply.
Relation of osteomyelitis and physis in kids? Physis is avascular and infex usu originates in metaphysis, so cannot spread to epiphysis, but can spread to joint by was of intracapsular extension
Indications for surgery in a pt w/ osteomyelitis? Pus on aspiration or signs and sxs persist >36 hrs on abx
What is a Brodie's abscess? A chronic form of OM that starts from a heme source
Exostosis aka? Osteochondroma
Sarcomas tend to metastasize to? Lung, sometimes bone
MOI of adhesive capsulitis? Insidious, Idiopathic, trauma, DM, hypothy, Female, red-hair and fair skin
painful arc for AC jt sep? 45-120 degrees~
TUBS? Anterior GH disloc: Trauma, Unidirectional, Bankart, Surgery
In adult w/ anterior GH disloc, what should you be sure to evaluate? RC tear, esp subscapularis
When may you see a posterior GH disloc? Seizure, electrical shock, down-lineman fb
AMBRI? Multidirec GH instab.: Atraumatic, Multidirec, Bilat lax, Rehab, Inferior capsular shift
MC clavicle frxr? Mid-shaft
Tx for mid-shaft humerus frxr? Sling/splint!! (90% union rate w/ non-op)
which form of MRI is best? OPEN
role of lactic acid system? Anaerobic glycolysis...generates ATP..but limited by lactic acid build-up
When to consume hi/lo glycemic index foods? -hi: AFTER exercise, to load glycogen stores -Lo: 2-3 hrs b4 exercise; blunts insulin response
Fxrs affecting fluid loss in urine? HIgh protein diet, high Na diet
Fluid loss of how much for every 5 degrees > 75 degrees? 13%
Max wt loss post training should not exceed? 3%
4 lbs wt loss = how much fluid? 8 cups of fluid
On hot days..how should you replace your fluid? WITH NA+!!!!
What are heat cramps assoc with? Drop in serum Na and Cl (MC in those practicing long pds in hot climates and only replacing water)
Heat stroke can be causes by excess heat production 2/2 exertion, impaired dissipation of env heat, and?? Anti-histamine use
What is the intermediate bw DHEA and testosterone? Androstenedione
What does creatine help with? Improve performance of brief (<30sec) high-intensity exercise
Bicarb loading purpose to offset impact of lactic acid accum
Erythoropoietin blood doping?: Increase RBC synth and improve O2 delivery
Created by: streetsmarts