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L.E. Joints

Lower ExtremityJoints

Types of Joints in foot Interphalangeal -Distal ( 5) Proximal(4)) , Metatarsophalangeal (5), Tarso Metatarsal ( 8) Intercuneiform( 2) Cuneio Cuboid(1) , Cuneo navicular(3), Talo navicular( 1), calcaneo cuboid(1)
other name for Sagittal plane What motion is possible along sagittal planes Longtitudinal or Coronal Dorsiflexion and Plantarflexion
What motion is possible along Transverse plane Abduction and Adduction
What motion is possible along Frontal plane Inversion and Eversion
Another name for Close Kinetic Chain Stance phase componets are Contact period ( 27%) Midstance ( 40 %) Propulsive ( 33%)
Knee joint Tri axial ball and socket
ligaments of Hip CAPSULAR Articualr capsule , Ileofemoral lig, Ischiofemoral lig, Pubo femoral Lig
acetabulum is deepened by ------ acetabular labrum( fibrocartilage)
Knee joint hinge joint, bi axial, bi condullar joint//// femur with tibia and patella with femur
Knee ligaments CAPSULAR Articular capsule , Ligamentum patelae, Oblique popliteal, Crcuate popliteal, Tibial Collateral
Knee Ligaments Extra Capsular Fibular Collateral Lig
IntraCapsular KNEE Ligament Anterior Cruciate, Posterior Cruciate
Intra Capsular Hip Ligament Ligamentum Capitus Femoris, Transverse Acetabullar Lig
Tibiofibular joint head of the fibula , lateral condyle of tibia/// Synovial Joint
Ligaments of Tibio fibular Joint Articular Capsule, Anterior, Posterior, /////// covered by tendon of popliteus
Tibio Fibular Syndesmosis Fibular notch of tibia and distal fibula
Tibiiofibular Syndesmosis Ligaments Ant Tibio fibular Lig. , Post. Tibiofibular Lig, Interosseus Lig, Inf. Transverse Lig,
Ankle joint components 1)Malleolor fork or Ankle Mortice 2) Talar dome
Ankle joint , how many axes and planes Uniaxial , tri planar major angulation on sagittal plane
subtalar joint, how many axes and planes, list the angular deviations on each Uniaxial , tri planar 42 degree from transv. Pl.// 16 from sagittal pl.// 48 from the frontal pl.
Ex. of uniaxial Joint ankle J, Subtalar J, Interphalangeal J
Ex of Biaxial J Midtarsal J , Metatarsophalangeal J, Knee J
Ex of Triaxial J Hip Joint
If a tendon crosses a joint... it has an axis at that joint and action
How to tell if an axis is parallel to a plane When you move that model , the plane of motion doesnt change
Types of muscle function during gait cylce Accelerators do concentric contraction( shorten), Decelerators do eccentric contraction( lengthening) and Stabilizers do Static contraction
Ex of decelerator muscles Tibialis Ant, Ext Hall Long, Ext Dig. Long, Fibularis Tertius ////they prevent foot slap or drag
What Type of joint is sacro iliac J Synovial J sacrum has hyaline cartilage and ileum has fibrocartilage
describe surfaces of malleolar fork of ankle joint 1 )lateral sruface of medial malleolus, 2) Inf surface od distal extremity of tibia, 3) medial surface of lateral malleolus
describe talar dome of ankle joint Medial( M) , Superior( S) and Lateral ( L) surfaces of of the talus
Ligaments of the ankle joint 1)Articular Capsule 2) Lateral Ankle ligaments( Anterior talofibular, Post talofibular , calcaneo fibular), 3) Medial ankle ligaments or Deltoid Lig( Superficial Deltoid and Deep Deltoid)
Name the deltoid Ligaments of the ankle joint Superficial Delt. Lig are TibioNavicular, Calcaneo Tibial , Post Talo Tibial Deep Deltoid are , Ant talo tibial
What type of nerve fibres are the Sensory Fibres of skin Post ganglionic Symp Fibres
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