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3E051 Set D book 4

Which of the following is not a subsection of the mobile aircraft arresting system? pendant cable
The mobile aircraft arresting system is capable of handling an aborted takeuff or arrested landing every 3 to 5 minutes
How many hydrolic power units are installed on each mobile aircraft arresting system trailer? 2
What crew size do you need to install the mobile aircraft arresting system? 12
Which mobile aircraft arresting system installation method requires the fabrication of a cruciform foundation? concrete off-runway
Which type of anchoring system do you use when installing the mobile aircraft arresting system on a soil surface? K/M
Which type of anchoring system do you use when installing the mobile aircraft arresting system on asphalt that is more than 6 inches thick? moil
What is the proper fil level for the mobile aircraft arresting system hydraulic power unit reservoir and at what frequency do you check it during operation? 2 inches below the top of the filler neck; every 50 hours
What is the recommended method for cleaning the oil cooler on the mobile aircraft arresting system hydrolic power unit? compressed air
During operation, the engine oil in the mobile aircraft arresting system hydraulic power unit is changed every 25 hours
What size steel cable do you use on the mobile aircraft arresting system trailer winch when it requires replacement? the same size the winch was supplied originally
Lubricate the tape sheaves on the MAAS trailer after every 50 arrestments
After the TAG installs the 1000 ft crossbar, what is the next step? install the approach lights
When leveling and aiming a PAPI unit, what do you do first? Level the unit from side to side by adjusting the unit's 2 front knobs
What is the final step in installation of the PAPI units? adjust the tilt switch so that the bubble is in the middle
What is the first step of installing the taxiway lights? place two lights and isolation transformers at the beginning of the taxiway for taxiway exit lights
How do you begin the procedure to install the emergency airfield lighting system obstruction lights? install the batteries into the fixture
Which of the following steps is done first when installing the generator and regulator? establish a common ground for the generator, regulator, and control panel
When performing an open circuit test on the regulator, what is the next step after turning the circuit breaker off? remove the male-to-male adapter cable from the output current plugs
What is the last step in activating the EALS system from the control panel? set the strobe control switch to 1-18 or 19-36
When performing a short circuit test on the EALS regulator, what is the next step after turning the intensity selector switch to low? turn the intensity selector switch to medium
When replacing a lamp on a runway edge light, how do you remove the lamp from its base? Grip the lamp by its ceramic base and pull straight up
What is the procedure to remove the red lens from an obstruction light? loosen teh screws holding the lens in place, turn it to the right and pull it straight up
Which of the following is a step in the process of changing out a lamp in a strobe unit? short the capacitors
What generator is used for emergency backup of facilities that are mission essential, such as communications centers and command post? MEP 006A
Besides conductor size, what is another important factor to consider when reducing voltage drop in an electrical circuit? circuit distance
You have a # AWG stranded copper conductor with .778 ohms of resistance for each 1000 feet of length. If you run that cabling 100 feet between the power plant and the load, what would the total resistance be? .1556 ohms
The bus bar for two paralleled generators must be large enough to carry the output of the larger generator
What is the first step you perform when placing a generator back into service? open the circuit breakers and start largest generator
The emergency (battle short) switch bypasses all of the following relays except the over speed relay
When you operate in extremely cold climates, what must you do to prevent the battery from freezing when you add water? immediately mix the fluid by charging the battery
During which type of climatic condition could vibrations cause chafing and fraying of the generator wiring? extreme heat
Which of the following is not a major component of the basic expenditionary airfield resources interior tent lighting system? secondary B-panel
How many light streamers does each basic expeditionary airfield resources tent receive? 2
What action ensures rapid reinstallation of the basic expeditionary airfield resources tent lighting system? placing components into their proper storage containers
What is the maximum length the remote area lighting system can be? 1500
How many light masts some with the remote area lighting system? 13
For a fully operational RALS, you can establish automatic operation by positioning the override switch to AUTO
At what frequency do you inspect the RALS structure for corrosion? semiannually
What is the output rating of the diesel generator on the telescoping floodlight set? 7 kV
What is the biggest advantage of the telescoping floodlight set over the RALS? production of its own power.
What are the size and type of lamps used on the telescoping light set portable light stands? 500-watt quartz
For proper operation, you need to keep the telescoping floodlight set generator output between 233 and 247 VAC
What is the full height of the telescoping floodlight set trailer tower? 30 feet
During operation under dusty conditions, how often must you clean the air filter in the generator on the telescoping floodlight set? every 8 hours
The reverse osmosis water purification unit requires a power supply that is capable of providing 120/208 VAC
On the reverse osmosis water purification unit, which pump motor does the 90-amp circuit breaker number 1 protect? reverse osmosis
Where is the reverse osmosis water purification unit ground rod stored? on the control panel
Before performing maintenance on the reverse osmosis water purification unit, you should open all drains and vents
Which contingency asset requires two dedicated secondary distribution centers to meet its high load demands? basic expeditionary airfield resouces kitchen
Which major component of teh basic expeditionary sirfield resources kitchen electrical system not only acts as a distribution point, but also provides circuit protection? Primary distribution box
What is the frequency of inspection of the basic expeditionary airfield resources kitchen electrical system when it is in operation? weekly
What is the primary distribution voltage of the basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) electrical system? 4160 VAC
What type of termination is used on the primary distribution center for the input and output cables? load-break elbows
A total of how many generators can be installed on the line side of the primary distribution center? 4
How many sets of individual feeder circuits are on the load side of the PDC? 6
Power is distributed from the PDC main bus, to the six individual branch circuits, through arc strangler disconnect switches and a fuse assembly that is rated at 200 amps
What is the conductor size and insulation value of the BEAR high-voltage electrical cable? #1/0, 5 kV
You should bury primary cables to a depth of at least 18 inches
You inspect operational PDC grounds monthly
One important thing to do before performing maintenance on the SDC is to ensure all power is removed
What BEAR asset is used as the main distribution point for secondary circuits? SDC
To operate a SDC directly from a MEP generator instead of from the primary distribution system, you must engage the manual transfer switch
How many 120/208 VAC output circuits can the SDC provide? 16
Which power distribution panel is associated with the tent extendible modular personnel tent? 25 kW
The purpose of the SDC high-temperature override switch is to allow bypassing of the main breaker shunt trip mechanism
During deployments to locations where low voltage will be used for a short time, what can you do to ground the system if the ground rod cannot be driven into the earth? bury the ground rod in a horizontal trench that is 18 inches deep
What mixture of salt and water normally increases the conductivity of the soil that is in contact with a ground rod? 3 pounds of salt per one gallon of water
Two expedient grounding techniques are the expedient ground pipe and the expedient ground trench
The type I extendible modular personnel tent lighting kit receives its power from a lighting distribution box
The type II lighting kit consists of a junction streamer, two light streamers, and an exterior light streamer
Where do you place the exterior light streamer? in the tent vestible
What is the total capacity of a transformer bank that is in an open delta connection? 57.7 % of the original bank
When you make expedient repairs to the interior wiring of a facility, use as much of the existing undamaged wiring as possible
What is the power requirement for a fully operational aeromedical staging facility? 200 kW
The transportable blood transshipment center is normally collocated with a contingency hospital (CH)
What is the primary operating voltage required for the chemically hardened air management plant system? 208 VAC, three-phase, 50/60 Hz
How much power is required to operate a small shelter system? 12 kW
What supplies the power to light and general-purpose receptacle circuits in the medium shelter system? 4 20-amp GFCI breakers
Where are the general-purpose receptacle circuits positioned in the medium shelter system? 4 feet high at every other arch
The deployable power generation and distribution system SDC secondary voltage is rated at 120/208 VAC
In the deployable power generation and distribution system, what provides mission essential power during initial setup? tactical quiet generator set
If the operation selector on th eprimary switching center is blocking the switching action you are trying to perform, what step must you take? rotate the operation selector out of the way
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