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Terminology Test #1

arthritis inflamation in the joint
carcinoma cancerous tumor
cardiology the study of the heart
cephalic pretaining to the head
cerebral pretai
arthritis Inflammation of the Joint
carcinoma Cancerous Tumor
cardiology The study of the Heart
cephalic Pretaining to the Head
cerebral Pretaining to the brain
incision Process of cutting into
dermatitis Inflammation of the skin
electrocardiogram The recording of the electricity in the heart
enteritits Inflammation of the intestines
erythrocyte Red blood cell
gastrectomy The removal of the stomach
hyperglycemia High blood sugar
hematology The study of blood
hematoma Collection of blood
hepatitis Inflammation of the liver
nephritis Inflammation of the kidney
neurology The study of nerves
ophthalmoscope An instrument for the eye
osteitis Inflammation of the bone
pathology Study of disease
rhinitis Inflammation of the nose
sarcoma Cancerous flesh
-sect to cut
thrombocyte Cell Clot
cardiac pretaining to the heart
neural pretaining to the nerves
arthralgia pain in the joint
nephrectomy Removal of the kidney
leukemia a blood condition of white blood cells
gastric pretaining to the stomach
neurologic pretaining to the study of the nerves
ophthalmologist speachlist of the eye
cystitis inflammation of the cell
hepatoma malignant tumor in the liver
biopsy viewing of life
endoscope instrument within
endoscopy the process of viewing within
osteotomy Cutting of the bone
epigastric pretaining to above the stomach
Cells the cell is the funamental unit of all living things
Tissue a tissue is a group of similar cells working together to do a specific job.
Epithelial Tissue located all over the body, linings of internal organs, also lines the exocrine and endocrine glands
Muscle Tissue legs,arms, heart
Connective Tissue fat(adipose), cartilage, bone, and blood.
Nerve Tissue conducts impulses all over the body
Organs Diffrent types of tissue combine impulses all over the body
Systems are groups of organs working together to perfrom complex functions
Digestive System mouth,through,stomach,intestinges,liver,gallbladder,pancreas
Urinary System Kidneys,ureters, urinary bladder, urethra
Respiratory System Nose, larynx,bronchial tubes, lungs
Reproductive System Ovaries, fallopian tubes, urethra, penis, vagina, mammary glands, testes
Endocrine Thyloid gland ( in the neck), pituitary gland (at the base of the brain), sex glands,
Nervous System Brain, spinal cord, nerves, and collections of nerves
Circulatory System Heart, blood vessels
Musculoskeletal System Muscles, bones, and joints
Skin and sense organs
Created by: teshnaur