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CDC 2A3512 Vol 1

CDC 2A3512

What is the primary master mode on the F-15 A thru D? A/A
On the F-15 C/D, what system is the FDA Part of? HSI
What unit is the primary source of aircraft pitch, roll, heading, acceleration, vertical velocity and present position info? INU
On F-15 C/D, the 1553 mux bus consists of what? 4 Channels 5 A/B and 7 A/B
On F-15 what is the purpose of the mux bus resistors? Avoid signal reflection
On RAMP U-2's what component acts as the bus controller? AVP
On U-2's what unit is used to input data? UFCD
On the U-2 what is the primary interface for data? MFD
What F-15C component transfers A/A and A/G data from the DTM to the CC? PSDP
On the F-15 what type of data sets are sent to the CC by the DTM CC and PSDP
A/A engagement data is recorded to the CC while the aircraft is in flight whenever the CC detects Weapon release or trigger switch to second detent
What F-15E component converts DTM data and send it to the CC via the 6 A/B data bus MPDP
Which OFP function interfaces with all other program functions Executive
Which OFP function handles TACAN, NAV, ILS AND ILS Steer mode processing for display on the HSI Flight Director
Which OFP function handle the processing of OWS Controls and Display
When auditing the CC using the MPCD, what is the preferred readout format Hexidecimal
Which F-15E master mode display is preprogrammed to have the same set of displays every time it is selected Instrument
On the F-15E the MPDP sends discrete data to what AIU 1
The fine line letters, numbers, and symbols for all F-15E displays are produced by which mode Stroke
Which format cannot be seleced on F-15E displays A/G Radar
Which F-15E display format has take-command capability TSD
What mux bus is no longer used on the F-15E after TCTO 807 H009 and 6A/B
What happens if the F-15E with ADCP has a dual generator fail ADCP commands itself to emergency mode
What are the BIT's associated with the ADCP Power up, background, maintenance, and initiated
What is displayed at the lower center part of the MPD/MPCD when a failure is detected during an ADCP BIT ADCP*
The main and essential communication buses internal to the ADCP operate as Interconnected buses that split when a bus fails allowing operation using the good bus
A standby reticule is provided as a backup if the CRT symbology fails
The HUD data processor is designed to provide power and to process the digital and discrete signals from various A/C systems
In the F-15 C/D if the CC becomes inoperative the HUD set automatically switches to the seconday mode and displays the symbology of the A/A Gun mode
During what mode/modes does the HUD show the A/A reticule LCOS or GDS
How can each pilot select a default gun reticule mode such as LCOS or GDS AAI interrogate switch on right throttle
A vertical scan line appears on the HUD during what mode/modes A/A only
The ASE circle appears on the HUD during the A/A mode
The ASE circle is used with the steering dot to provide a steering reference during the A/A missile mode but not in SRM/Gun combined mode
What signal turns on the HUD Break X Status signal from CC
In what mode does the HUD show the AOA scale ADI
The display control/snap look switch on the F-15E allows the pilot to select three programmed displays for each MPD and Take command of a system
The HUD data processor sends control data to the CC over which H009 bus Bus 1
When the CC fails and radar range is not available what fixed range is used for the gun reticule 1000 feet
The HUD set control panel reticule switch interrupts the lead angle movement of the A/A reticule during A/A gun mode
What is the purpose of having cockpit components immersed in an oil bath Cools and electrically insulates the HVPS
What feature has been incorporated into the cockpit unit to protect against a HVPS over current in the EU High voltage crow bar circuit
What is the helmet display unit's normal cueing capability to the right and left 20 degrees
How are the three coils in the magnetic receiver unit positioned Orthogonally to one another
What does the seat position sensor use to sense position Linear potentiometer
On what mux bus does JHMCS communicate with the CC 5A/B
How many radar modes were added with JHMCS 3
What component controls the JHMCS state CC
What is the minimum time the JHMCS power must be interrupted for a cold start to occur 250 ms
What magnetic phenomenon causes helmet line of sight position and orientation inaccuracies Metallic distortion
What types of metal are more readily apt to cause eddy current distortion Highly conductive
Eddy current and permeability distortions are compensated for in JHMCS by Giving the EU the magnetic properties of each cockpit
The space in the cockpit the pilots helmet could potentially occupy is called the Helmet motion box
How long can the cockpit mapping process take per cockpit 8 - 10 hours
What component can store and transfer magnetic compensation data EU and MTU
What factor determines whether or not the JHMCS performs a coarse or fine align Validity of the coarse alignment
What is displayed on the helmet during a fine align 2 fine align crosses, 4 edge of display segment lines and FINE ALIGN
How many JHMCS BIT's require operator action to select and start diagnostics 1
The JHMCS periodic BIT is initiated when automatically after startup BIT is complete
How many flights worth of error codes does the JHMCS HMD BIT log maintain 30
The base display in which all other JHMCS display formats are produced is the Aircraft and helmet data
HOTAS commands causing the HMD to blank are depressing the Castle switch down and holding forward for longer than 1 second
When HUD masking is enabled and the helmet LOS is within the HUD masking zone, the symbology removed from the HMD is all except for Radar LOS circle
The purpose of the +/- .75 degree hysteresis band about the JHMCS masking zone boundaries is to Provide a smooth transition from masked to unmasked
On the F-15 C/D which NCI switch must be depressed to store the computed aircraft present position Mark switch
On F-15 C/D INS, which switch enables the NCI keyboard Ready
What F-15 INU sub assembly handles BIT functions Strap down inertial nav digital computer
What F-15 INU section is used to communicate with aircraft systems Scratchpad Memory
What signals are sent to AFCS from the INU Pitch, roll and vertical velocity
ON F-15E along with pitch and roll info, the HUD also shows align status
On F-15E when will the EHSI or EADI display a red X on the MPCD Absence of INS alignment
What is not a primary format for displaying INS info HUD repeater
The NAV pod communicates with the INU on which bus Avionics 1553
How is the GPS almanac loaded on EGI DTM
On F-15E what does the EGI electronic bore-sight compare between the INS and GPS Attitude and heading after both accomplish a GC align
On the F-15E which PPKS mode is a nav software in which the CC stores the last updated present position for future use if EGI or INS become invalid Mission Navigator
What F-15E PPKS is the default when power is applied with WOW INS
What F-15E PPKS is the default when EGI data becomes invalid MN (Mission Navigator)
ON APG 70 radar the 082 receives pitch angle, roll angle and true heading from the EGI when INS attitude is invalid
EGI bus failure is displayed as EGI 8A/B
The A-10 CDU automatically initiates the upload of data from the DTS after the DTC is installed in the UDTU, the CDU is turned on and the CDU start up BIT is completed
What A-10 GPS/INU subcomponent converts nav digital data to analog, synchro nav, and discrete signals EGI I/O interface circuit
On the A-10 what symbol is displayed as two vertical lines under the magnetic heading scale Desired magnetic heading
On the A-10 HUD what does the distance to go numeric consist of when displaying nautical miles 4 digit number followed by the letter M
On the A-10 HUD what term describes the elevation of an updated steer point that has a valid assigned elevation Hot target elevation
On the U-2 PIIIG INS navigation solutions are further enhanced by GPS ground station updates
What NAV techniques are employed on the U-2 INS Inertial NAV supported by spinning mass gyro and GPS
The U-2 INS contains an embedded GPS receiver to supply either extensive INS updates or Independent NAV solution if INS fails
On U-2 INS what mode is used when the INU computer subsystem fails EGPS
On the U-2 what info is displayed on the BCDU by pressing the EMER button on the BCDU Location of nearest emergency airfields
What does the INU software use to minimize the present position errors incurred during the NAV solution blending process on the U-2 Kalman filter
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