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CDC 3S051

Part I

In order to participate in Joint warfare, we need to work together. Working together constitutes what concept? Team
What values have special impact on the conduct of joint operations? Integrity, competency and physical courage
What makes up unified action in the military? Synchronization, coordination and integration of the governmental activities
The commanders of the geographic commands are each assigned to? A geographic AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY
With the implementation of PBD 720, how did this affect the structure of the CSS? The CSS was consolidated into a single organization
If you are in the rank of E-7 or above and have a question that TFSC personnel can't answer, the person will?? Locate a SME to answer your question
Personnelists take care of personnel actions related to what groups of people? USAF active duty members, USAF retirees and USAF dependents
What are examples of personnel actions that are required to be completed by commander-appointed individuals? EPR, OPR and leave program
The first marking in the subject line of an e-mail will be overall classification of the e-mail using what symbols? S, C and U
When couriers are transporting laptops and disks on an airplane, what must they do? Keep laptops and disks under constant surveillance or in secure facilities
As a personnelists, your main job is to? Provide service to customers
In order for joint doctrine to promote a perspective that is used to plan, train and conduct military operations, it represents? What is taught, believed and advocated as what is right (that is, what works best)
Total force accountability is defined as the accurate accounting for all Air Force at all times, regardless of what? Location
PERSCO maintains accountability over all personnel on the ground, at their deployed and designated geographically separated location, regardless of status, according to component command policies describes which element of total force accountability? Strength
Standard UTC are used in JOPES/DCAPES to identify manpower and logistic requirements for? Deployment, movement planning and plan execution
Personnel UTC are generally built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability before having to be resupplied or augmented with new supplies or personnel? 30 days
When will the flow of data from the active file to the ANG/USAFR file occur? At the time of the initial separation projection
Individuls may request retention on active duty because of what? Personal hardship, financial hardship and medical hardship
Once the wing/installation commander completes the IDO and alternate IDO appointment letter, who receives a copy? Command post, respective MAJCOM/A4 and battle staff/crisis action team
At a minimum, each wing/installation must conduct at least one deployment exercise per 20-month AEF cycle that tasks what percent of personnel and equipment of all P-coded UTC's identified in the UTC availiability? 25%
MAJCOMS own base-level GCCS-AF equipments and are responsible for? Software upgrades, warranty information, and replacement parts
Which UTC is considered or called the PERSCO accountability team? RFPF1
Who serves as the focal point for scheduling and documenting all initial/recurring ancillary deployment training and classified courier training for personnel support for contigency operation team (PT) members? FSS UDM
What is one of the best ways to make the newcomer's move as smooth as possible? Call them
Once the member inprocesses, no-fee passports are? Collected by personnelists
For officers, who can look at UFI's? Commanders at all levels for members assigned or attached to their unit, major command commander, vice commanders, staff director and directors, and cheif of staffs, their deputies and assistants and other staff agency heads
For enlisted members, who is not allowed to look at UIF? The member's wing or unit chaplain
All approved, non-local surveys show what? Survey control number, Report control symbol, and Office of Management and Budget Number
Who is not eligible for an ID card? Child, unmarried and under age 25
Once you retrieve ID cards, what may you do? Destroy, shred and cut
Members are eligible for join spouse assignment consideration unless? They are extended active duty with the AF and the spouse is civilian
How many members does the AFBCMR consists of? 3
What is the responsibility of the MPS commander as it pertains to casualty service? Publish required installation supplements to AFI 36-3002, Casualty Services
The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity paid is paid to a surviving spouse util the spouse dies or? Suspended upon remarriage before the age of 55
An initial relocation briefing should be conducted within how many days? 15 calendar days
How many years toltal active military service (TAFMS) must memebrs complete before bring eligible for retirement? 20 years
How many days in advance does the commander notify the officer of the projected promotion effective date when an individual is promoted to first lieutenant? 30 days
The effective date of retirement, for a member who elects retirement in lieu of demotion, will be no later than the first day of what month follwing the date the member received the inital notification? Fourth
First-term airmen who complete how many months on their current enlistment receive selective reenlistment program (SRP) consideration? 33 (57 for six-year enlistees)
Who is responsible for accomplishing an AF IMT 2096, Classification/On-the-job Training Action, when a member does not have an awarded AFSC? Career development element
What grades can incur an active duty service commitment (ADSC)? Colonel and below and all enlisted personnel
Over how many years does a unit manning document (UMD) list positions that will be deleted? 2 years
Who are members encouraged to discuss their assignment preferences with? Family members, supervisors and commanders
Airmen using the self service module for supplemental promotion should complete the application, upload or fax any supporting documents and route the request electronically to what office? Total Force Service Center (TFSC)
The HR case manangement system (CMS) was initially developed by HQ AFPC and AFAFO to respond to what type of problems? Pay
Essential station messing (ESM) is also termed? Rations-in-kind
The DJMS is used to update what type of personnel action to the DFAS files? Reenlistments and extensions
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