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Anatomy Med

Medical Terminology

away from a-,ab-
without, not a,an-
to, toward ad-
gland aden-
blood vessel angio-
anus ano-
before ante-
against anti-
joint arthr-
self auto-
two bi-
bile bili-
life bio-
arm branchi-
slow brady-
heart cardio-
head cephal-
brain cerebr-
gail bladder, bile chole-
cartilage chondr-
color chrom-
around circum-
against contra-
rib cost-
cell cyt-
decrease de-
skin derm-
two di-
through dia-
bad, difficult dys-
outside, away from ect-
in, within end-
intestine enter-
upon, above ep-, epi-
red erythr-
good, normal eu-
out, away from ex-
stomach gastr-
tongue gloss-
sweet, glucose gluc-, glyc-
blood hema-
half hemi-
liver hepat-
varied, mixed hetero-
tissue hist-
same homeo-
water, hydrogen hydr-
above hyper
below hyp-
uterus hyster-
into, not in-
below, underlying intra-
same ipse-
equal iso-
next to juxta-
white leuk-
large macro-
bad mal-
large maga-
middle meso-
small, tiny micro-
one mono-
shape, form morph-
marrow myel-
muscle myo-
dead necr-
kidney nephr-
nerve neur-
eye opthalm-
bone ost-
ear ot-
egg ov-
beside para-
disease path-
around peri-
eat phag-
vein phleb-
air pneum-
gray polio-
many poly
behind, after post-
before, in front of pre-
early, giving rise to pro-
mind psych-
lung pulm-
kidney ren-
behind retro-
flesh sarc-
tough, hard scler-
partial, half semi-
beneath, below sub-
above,greater super-, supra-
connecting, with syn-, sym-
rapid, accelerated tachy-
clot thromb-
across trans-
greater, beyond ultra-
one uni-
urine ur-
tubule, vessel vas-
pain -algia
enzyme -ase
cut out, surgically remove -ectomy
blood -emia
producing -gen
writing -graph
infalmmation -itis
splitting -lysis
measure -meter
like, similar to -oid
small -ole
vision -opia
state of having or being -osis
opening -ostomy
absence or deficiancy -penia
fulid -plasm
paralysis, stroke -plegia,-plexy
respiration -phea,-pnoea
to burst forth, excessive discharge -rrage
flow -rrhea,-rrhoea
cut -sect
body -soma, -some
make an opening -stomy
cutting -tomy
to turn -trope
nourishment -trophe
small -ule, -ulus
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