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Cianci - Dalessandro

Italian Unification

Giuseppe Mazzini leader of romantic republican nationalism, founded the Young Italy Society to drive Austria from the peninsula and establish an Italian republic
Count Camillo Cavour prime minister of Piedmont, transformed the Italian peninsula into a nation-state under a constitutional monarchy.
Cavour was deeply imbued with the ideas of... the Enlightenment, classical economics, and utilitarianism.
During the Crimean War, Cavour... sent 10,000 troops to help France and Britain capture Sebastopol and bring Italy into European politics
December 1858 A formal treaty between Napoleon III and Cavour made against Austria
March 1861 Victor Emmanuel II proclaimed king of Italy
North and South Italy were incompatible because... the south was rural, poor, and backward, while the north was industrializing, and its economy was increasingly linked to that of the rest of Europe
The constitution for Italy... provided for a conservative constitutional monarchy
Italia irredenta 'unredeemed Italy', province of Trent and city of Trieste
Carbonari one of the secret republican societies founded throughout Italy, was ineffective
Giuseppe Garibaldi fellow republican of Mazzini, lead a campaign against Cavour to capture the mainland
To unite Italy, Cavour believed... if Italians proved themselves to be efficient and economically progressive, then the great powers might decide that Italy could govern itself
Created by: Cianci