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senior final


carbidopa/levodopa Sinemet
benztropine Cogentin
bromocriptine Parlodel
digoxin Lanoxin
hydrocortisone Solu-Cortef
levothyroxine Synthroid
dexamethesone Decadron
prednisone Deltasone
vancomycin Vancocin
imipenim-calistain sodium Primaxin
nifedipine Adalat CC
azithromycin Zithromax
cefazolin Ancef
atenolol Tenormin
pilocarpine Pilocar
hydroxyzine Vistaril
verapamil Calan
spironolactone+HCTZ Aldactazide
acetohexamide Dymelor
hydrochlorothizide Hydrodiuril
methyldopa Aldomet
amoxicillin+clavulanic potassium Augmentin
spironolactone Aldactone
triamterene+HCTZ Dyazide
diltiazem Cardizem
propranolol Inderal
levofloxacine Parlodel
oxytocin Pitocin
piperacillin+tazobactam Zosyn
isoproterenol Isuprel
lorazepam Ativan
cimetidine Tagamet
amitriptyline Elavil
cetirizine Zyrtec
ferrous sulfate Iron
vitamin B2 Riboflavin
vitamin B6 Pyridoxine
famotidine Pepcid
hydroxyzine Vistaril
zafirlukast Accolate
carmustine BCNU
cisplatin Platinol
loratadine Claritin
rabeprazole Aciphex
vitamin B1 Thiamine
diphenhydramine Benadril
montelukast Singular
pantoprazole Protonix
cetirizine+pseudoephedrine Zyrtez D
ranitidine Zantac
phentermine Ionamine,Fastin
prochlorperazine Compazine
clorpromazine Thorazine
dextroamphetamine Dexadrine
zolpidem Ambien
methylphenidate Concerta,Ritalin
tamoxifen Nolvadex
pentobarbital Nembutal
alprazolam Xanax
DSS Colace
Created by: chino