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State Exam

When must you signal before making a turn? 100 feet
How close may you park to a stop sign? 50 feet
How close may you park toa corner? 25 feet
How close may you park to a fire hydrant? 10 feet
What is the stopping sitance on a dry road at 50 mph? 243 fet
What is the proper distance you may park from a curb? 6 inches
What are the penalties for driving without insurance? suspension of drivers licence and registration and fines.
Serious accidents causing death, injury or $200 damage must be reported in 5 days to? DMV
Points are only issued for? Moving violations.
When will you be given a proposed License Suspension Notice? When you have received 12 points.
What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license? First offense- fine of $500 and up to 6 month additional license suspension.
What is the penalty for not telling the truth when applying for a license? Not less that a $200 fine and/or up to 6 months imprisonment.
Up to 3 points may be subtracted from your record if you receive no moving violations for how long? One year.
What is the penalty for refusing to take the breath test? 6 months to 1 year license suspension.
Who is responsible if a student commits a traffic offense? Both the student and the instructor or licensed driver.
What should you do if approaching a steady yellow or amber signal? Stop before entering intersection if possible.
What is a good practive while driving? Keep from looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds.
What is the proper lane to turn into when making a left turn? The lane nearest the center in the direction you are heading.
When driving at night you should be able to stop how? Whithin the distance you can see ahead.
Where should you position the car to make a left turn from a two-way street? The lane nearest the center of the road.
What is a good practive when nearing an intersection? Slow down and be preparded to stop.
What is the purpose of traffic laws? To protect you and other drivers.
If there is no "No Turn on Red" sign, when can you make a turn on red? After making a full stop and yielding to traffic.
If you feel or hear an unusual thumping noise while driving it may be? The tires.
What is the best advide if your car is stranded in a heavy snow storm? Stay with your car.
What is a good practive when driving in the city? Check intersections ahead for signals.
What must you do if you want to turn left at a traffic light? Yield to oncoming traffic.
If the front of your car vibrates, the problem may be with your: Steering.
What do two parallel white lines across the road mean? Pedestrian crosswalk.
When should you use your horn? If you are driving out of an ally
When may you pass on the right? If the car in front is turning left and there is a lane for driving on the right.
What does a flashing red light mean? Stop, proceed with caution.
What does a single solid white line across an intersection mean? You should stop behind the line for a trafic sign or signal.
When should you use your parking lights? When parking only
Which do you turn if you go into a skid? In the direction the back of the car is skidding
What direction should you check first when approaching an intersection? to the left
How far should you stay behind the car you are following? at least 2 seconds
What should you do if you go into a skid? Take your foot off the gas pedal
What is the most common mistake a new driver makes with the brake? pushing the brake too hard
What is the best way to talk to other drivers? Through the use of your horn or lights
If you drive through a deep puddle, what should you do? Test your brakes
When should you use your high beam lights? open country driving situations.
if the lights of oncomig cars are in your eyes, what should you do? look in the lower right side of your traffic lane.
a drivers left hand extended upward means what/ he is making a left turn
a drivers left hand extended downward means what? he is making a stop or slowing down
the safest way to exit an expressway is to? slow your car to the posted exit speed
What should you do if your brakes fail? shift to a lower gear and pump your brakes
What should you do if you have a blowout? slow the vehicle gradually
When you are driving on a curve, your vehicle will tend to go in what direction? straight
one of the best defenses against drunk drivers is: proper wearing of a safety belt.
when a school bus has stopped at a school to pick up or left off children you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than: 10 milers per hour
how should you turn your wheels when parking downhill next to a curb? to the right toward the curb.
special permits may be issued at age 16 when enrolled in a behind the wheel driver education course of enrolled in a commercial driving education course purchased by an approved driving instuctor
in city driving, a good habit is to look 12 seconds ahead
you are required by new jersey laws to keep to the right except: when on a one-way street, when passing, or is impractical to travel on that side of the roadway
studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving had been drinking what kind of alcoholic beverage? beer.
The speed limit in a school zone is: 25 mph
The speed limit in a business area is: 25 mph
The speed limit on a highway is: 65 mph
If you want to return to the road from a dirt shoulder: slow down, then turn your wheels to climb the pavement edge
To make a right turn, you should: get in the right lane
a 12 oz can of beer has as much alcohol in it as: a 1 1/2 oz of whiskey or 1 5 oz glass of wine
if you are arrested for drunk driving in new jersey, your chances of being convicted are: 96%
drugs that may affect basic driving skills are: cold pills, tranquillizers, and some prescription drugs
when BAC reaches .15%, your chances of getting into a serious accident will increaase 25 times
what is a "habitual offender"? sny person whose license has been suspended 3 times within 3 years
the first convication penalty for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drus is: $250 to $400 fine and possible imprisonment for 30 days and loss of license for 6 months- 1 year
NJ licensed drivers must take an eyesight recheck: every 10 years
What is a good "rule of thumb" in adjusting your speed to traffic? try to adjust your speed to the flow of traffic
What is a good "rule of thumb" for following distances on dry roads? one car length back for each 10 miles per hour speed on 2-3 second space between cars
What is an uncontrolled intersection? one where there are no traffic signs or signals
when should you dim your headlights? in city driving and when following or meeting another vehicle withi 500 feet
what is an acceleration land? an extra lane provided at the entrance to an expressway.
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