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Balkan Wars--WWI

1912, 12 Oct Start of First Balkan War, Balkan League launches surprise strike on the Turks
1912, 3 Nov First Balkan War: Bulgarians on outskirts of Constantinople
1912, 8 Nov First Balkan War:Greeks capture Salonika
1912, 9 Nov Dec Crisis: Kaiser says that they will not go to war with France or Russia over Albania
1912, 21 Nov Dec Crisis: Germany now supports Austria (archduke Franz Ferdinand) for any reason at the risk of war
1912, 28 Nov First Balkan War: Serbs push through Albania to Adriatic Sea, capture Port of Durazzo; von Jagow to Reichstag, If Austria is forced to fight, Germany will stand by Austria’s side; Sir Grey confused, England will support France to maintain Balance of Power
1912, 3 Dec First Balkan War: Turks beg for Armistice from the Balkan League
1912, 10 Dec London Conference: Five Great Powers and Italy met in London for the London Conference proposed by Grey and say there is no desire to go to war in the Balkans
1912, 12 Dec Dec Crisis: Kaiser orders meeting of Imperial German War Council with von Tirpitz (head of German navy) --wanted war immediately
1913, Feb Second Balkan War begins
1913, 30 May Second Balkan War: Treaty of London (Albania created, Adrianople awarded to Bulgaria, Salonika awarded to Greece)
1913, 29 Jun Third Balkan War: Bulgaria attacks Greece and Serbia, seizes Salonika
1913, 1 Jul Third Balkan War: Romania attacks Bulgaria’s undefended rear
1913, 10 Aug London Conference: Treaty of Bucharest ends the Balkan Wars (negotiated by Balkan States), end of London Conference
1914, 28 Jun July Crisis: assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
1914, 5 Jul July Crisis: Germany gives Austria-Hungary a carte blanche or “blank check” to go to war
1914, 24 Jul July Crisis: Austria-Hungary issues Seven Point Ultimatum. 1-4. stop organizations that are working towards Greater Serbia 5,6. condemn the assassination to press and General Staff 7. Austrian officials can investigate (against sovereignty)
1914, 25 Jul July Crisis:Russia orders partial mobilization; Serbia looks like they’re going to accept Seven Points Ultimatum except point 7
1914, 26 Jul July Crisis:Grey invites Greats Powers and Serbia to a Six Power Conference in London. Germany and Austria ignore the offer
1914, 27 Jul July Crisis:Russia orders full mobilization
1914, 28 Jul July Crisis:Austria declares war on Serbia
1914, 29 Jul July Crisis:Russia demobilizes; Austria invades Serbia and bombs Belgrade
1914, 30 Jul July Crisis:Russia orders full mobilization for the second time; Six Power Conference meets for a second time. Germany and Austria refuse again
1914, 31 Jul July Crisis:Germany issues ultimatum to Russia to demobilize
1914, 1 Aug July Crisis:Germany tells France to be neutral or they’ll declare war on France; British Cabinet votes not to support France; Germany declares war on Russia; von Moltke must send troops to West (Aachen) before they can go East
1914, 2 Aug July Crisis:Germans order full mobilization; France orders full mobilization; Germans tell Belgium to let their forces pass through or war
1914, 3 Aug July Crisis:Grey gives speak to House of Commons (Britain must defend France through honor and defense of balance of power); Germany declares war on France; Germany invades Belgium
1914, 4 Aug July Crisis:Britain tells Germany to get out of Belgium; UK declares war on Germany
1914, 5 Aug July Crisis:UK orders full mobilization; Austria declares war on Russia
von Jagow German Foreign Secretary
Sir Edward Grey British Foreign Secretary
von Moltke jr. Chief of German General Staff
1912 Oct-Dec First Balkan War
1913 Feb-May Second Balkan War
1912, 10 Dec - 1913, 10 Aug London Conference
1913 Jun-Aug Third Balkan War
1914, 28 Jun - 1914, 4 Aug July Crisis
Von Tirpitz head of German navy
1912, 13 Mar Hartwig (Russian) forms alliance with Bulgaria and Serbia
Balkan League Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece
Isvolsky Russian Foreign Minister until Nov 1910 when he became ambassador to France
Hartwig Russian sent to Serbia (1908); really pan-slavist, anti-austrian
Created by: happy72hannah