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Yvania's chap. 18


amenorrhea ABSENCE of menstrual flow
amnion INNER of the 2 membrane layers, surrounding fetus & amniotic fluid
amniotic fluid LIQUID, protects fetus from trauma & trauma
amniotic sac DOUBLE LAYERED SAC, holds fetus & amniotic fluid
ballottment TECHNIQUE finger taps against uterus in vagina, fetus to bounce
cerclage suturing the cervix, keep it from dialating to early, aka purse string procedure
chadwick's sign blue/ violet cervix & gine
chloasma patches of tan or brown pigmentation, forehead, nose & cheeks. aka mask pregnancy
chorion OUTER of 2 membrane layers surrounds fetus & fluid
colostrum thin, yellow fluid from boobs during pregnancy, lactation
eclampsia most severe hypertension during preg, seizures( convulsions)
effacement** thinning of cervix, dialtion preparing for childbirth
embryo name during conception 8th week of pregnancy ( through 2nd month)
episiotomy** incision into perineum to enlarge vaginal opening to deliver baby. prevents tearing
fetoscope** special stethoscope hearing fetal heartbeat @ mouth of abdomen
fetus** developing baby 8th week after conception until birth
gastroesophaeal reflux return, reflux, gastic juice into esophagus
gestation** term of pregnancy, 280 days from onset last period. aka gestational period
Goodell's sign** softening of uterine cervix
Hegar's sign** softening of LOWER segment of uterus
labor** time / process occurs during birth
leukorrhea** white discharge from gine
lightening settling of fetal head into the pelvis. prior to labor
linea nigra dark vertical midline on abdomen of a pregnant woman
lithotomy position labor position, on back, back curved in, butt at edge of table feet in sternups
lordosis forward curvature of spine
multipara woman has given birth 2 or more times after 20week gestation
Nagele's rule formula to calculate the date of birth
neonatology specializes in treatment/care of newborns through first 4 weeks
nullipara never completed pregnancy beyond 20 weeks gestation
placenta disk shaped organ, forms in pregnant uterine wall exchanges gases &nutrients from mom to fetus
preclampsia state during preg mother develops high blood pressure, proteiuria &/or edema after 20 weeks gestation
primipara woman gives birth for first time
quickening first feeling of movement of fetus (kicking) 16-20 weeks gestation
striae gravidarum stretch marks occur during pregancy, pink/purple streaks
trimester 1 of three periods( three months each) pregnancy is divided into 1-12, 13-27,28-40
waddling gait preguin walk during pregnancy
abruptio placenta premature separation of normally implanted placenta from uterine wall after passed 20 weeks gestation or during labor (life threatening)
eptopic pregnancy abnormal implatation of fertilized ovum outside uterine wall. tubal preg
hyperemesis gravidarum abnormal condition of severe vomiting during preg
incompitent cervix cerical opening dilates before fetus reaches term
braxon hicks contractions mild, irregular contractions throughout preg mistaken for true labor
rupture of amniotic sac onset of labor. aka "water broke"
amniocentesis surgical punture to amniotic sac for removing amnotic fluid
cesararean section surigical procedure cut abdomen & uterus bab is delivered tranabdominally aka C SECTION
pelvimetry process of measuring female pelvis by xray for childbearing
pregnancy test test done on maternal urine &/or blood determine HCG
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