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BIO201 - Ch 10 - Muscular System Shoulder&Arm - Marieb/Hoehn - Rio Salado - AZ

Extrinsic muscles of posterior thorax include? Latissimus dorsi, trapezius muscles, rhomboids, & levator scapulae.
The clavicles rotate around __ to provide stability & precision to scapular movements. Their own axes.
The important movements of the pectoral girdle involve __. Displacements of the scapula - elevation/depression rotation & lateral/medial movements.
Most scapular movements are promoted by? The serratus anterior muscles & posterior muscles.
Muscles originating posterior to shoulder joint __ the arm. Extend
The latissimus dorsi & posterior fibers of deltoid muscles are the __ of arm extension. Prime movers
The latissimus dorsi & pectoralis muscles are __ of one another in the flexion-extension movements of arm. Antagonists
The rotator cuff muscles act as __ in the angular & rotational movements of the arm. Synergists
The main function of rot. cuff muscles is to __. Reinforce capsule of shoulder joint to prevent dislocation of the humerus.
Muscles that originate anterior to shoulder joint __ the arm. Flex
Prime mover of arm flexion is the __. Pectoralis major
Name the prime mover of arm abduction. Deltoid muscle - active during swinging movements during walking - N=axillary nerve
Name the main adductors of arm. Pectoralis major & latissimus dorsi
All muscles acting on the humerus originate from the __. Pectoral girdle
Muscles originating __ to shoulder joint extend the arm. Posterior
To paddle a canoe, which muscle acts with the trapezius to "square the shoulders?" Rhomboids
__ muscles cross each sholder joint to insert on the humerus. 9
Name 3 prime movers of arm movements. Pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, & deltoid.
Name the 4 rotator cuff muscles. Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, & subscapularis.
The rotator cuff muscles originate on the __. Scapula
The arrangement of muscle attachments to scapula is that __. One muscle cannot bring about simple (linear) movements of its own. Several muscles must act in combination.
The prime mover of shoulder elevation are __. The trapezius & levator scapulae.
Pushing or punching movements (abduction) of scapula reflects __ activity. "Boxers muscle". Serratus anterior.
Which muscles shrug the shoulders? The Trapezius.
Prime movers of arm extension are? Latissimus dorsi & deltoid.
Walls of fascia divide the arm into what 2 muscle compartments? Posterior extensors & anterior flexors.
Prime mover of forearm extensiors? Triceps brachii
All anterior arm muscles cause elbow __. Flexion
Forearm muscles are functionally divided into 2 groups. Those causing wrist movements & those moving fingers & thumb.
Flexor & extensor retinacula Strong ligaments/"wrist bands" that keep tendons from jumping outward when tensed.
Most flexors in the anterior compartment of forearm arise from a common tendon on the __ & innervated by __. Humerus - Median nerve
Name the 2 pronators of the forearm. Pronator teres & pronator quadratus.
Which muscle assists biceps brachii in supinating the forearm? Supinator
All posterior forearm muscles supplied by __ nerve. Radial
Most muscles that move the hand are located __. In the forearm & "operate" the fingers via long tendons.
Intrinsic muscles of the hand allow for? Fine movements of the fingers.
All intrinsic muscles lie in the __. Palm & none on hands' dorsal side.
The thumb flexes by bending __. Medially, not anteriorly like other fingers.
3 groups of intrinsic muscles of the palm. (1)thenar eminence (ball of thumb), (2)hypothenar eminence (ball of little finger), & (3) midpalm.
The midpalmar muscles do what? Extend our fingers at the interphalangeal joints.
The main finger abductors & adductors. Interossei
Created by: Ladystorm