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Anatomy blood 2


liquid connective tissue blood
02,c02,nutrients, wastes, hormones are funcations of what transportation
regulates ph, adjusts body temp, maintains water level in body is the function of what regulation
clotting, phagocytosis is the function of what protection
what are the two blood composition parts plasma and hematocrit
how much percent of blood volume is in plasma 55%
how much percent of blood volume is in hematocrit 45%
what is plasma made up of water and dissolved substances
what is hematocrit produced by hematopoiesis in red marrow
what is hematocrit made up of wbc and platelets and rbc
what are erythrocytes red blood cells
what is the function of erythrocytes transports oxygen
what is the structure of erythrocytes biconcave disks with no nucleus or orfanelles
what carries oxygen, oxyhemoglobin is red, reduced hemoglobin is darker red purple hemoglobin
what is recycled and the rest changed iron
what is a hormone that increaces RBC production erythropoetin
what are leukoyctes white blood cells
what are the functions of leukoyctes defense
what is the structure of leukoyctes larger than RBC, have nucelus
what are phagocytosis or small particles neutrophils
what kills parasites, reverses allergic ixns (inflammation) eosinophils
what releases heparin (clot inhibitor) and histamine basophils
what are immunity or natural killer cells lymphocytes
what are phagocytosis or large monocytes
what is another name for thrombocytes platelets
what is hemostasis (clotting) and eventually form a plug thrombocytes
what is blood cell formation hematopoiesis
what is 92% of water, 8% protein, gases, electrolytes, urea, and hormones plasma
what is the function of plasma transporting nutrients, gases and vitamins
what maintains fluid balance and transports lipids proteins
what is N2, O2, and CO2 gases
blood clotting is coagulation
a blood clot in a vessel that does not travel is thrombosis
a blood clot or gas bubble that blocks a vessel is embolus
what are proteins carries in blood plasma in response to contact with foregin particles antibody
what genetically determines molecules on the surface of RBC's antigen
what are antibodies carries in plasma react with antigens and cause clumping agglutination
what disorder, less oxygen is carried in blood anemia
what disorder, epstein-barr virus intimate oral contact mononucleosis
what disorder, myeloid malignant what disorder, cancer in red marrow, many immature leukoytes cause reduced production of RBC and platelets leukemia
what are to many mature leukocytes lymphold
what disorder, buildup of bilirubin due to liver problems jaundice
what disorder, genetic disorder where clotting does not occur normally. hemophilia
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