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I see the vocab 2

Includes: A Bad Scene, Simple Perfect, TTMAS, JUTS, Hardworking, Nice Attitude

plight a bad situation
adverse unfavorable, opposed, going against
assailable vulnerable
corpulent excessively overweight
founder to sink; someone who starts smoething
impasse a deadlock, a point in which one can go no farther
incumbent someone who is currently holding a political position
insinuation a sneaky suggestion of something bad
mar to spoil or mark
null zero value
repudiate to put down or renounce
ruse a clever trick
sedate to calm
slander a false and mean spirited statement meant to injure someone
superflous more than what is required or needed
benign harmless
exquisite beautifully made or designed
immaculate perfectly clean
robust healthy
clarity clearness
deft skillful
meticulous careful, paying attention to details
pious deeply religious
imply to express indirectly
lament to express grief for, mourn
eradicate to eraseor get rid of
excavate to dig up
innate possessed at birth, no learned
adept very skilled
facet an aspect of something
ingenuity innovation, creativity
procure to obtain
tenacious holding firmly, especially to a belief, stubborn
toil hard work, or to work hard
vigor strength, energy
wane to decrease in size or strength
ambivalent having opposed or mixed feelings
analytical intending to understand the nature of something
biased favoring one side or opinion over the other
brash bold
dubious doubtful
jubilant overly joyful
skeptical doubtful
somber serious, dark, gloomy
subjective influneced by personal opinion
Created by: yanavidaa
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