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Piranha Martini Menu

On The Menu Martini Menu

APPLETINI 3 Vox Apple 2 apple pucker 3 Sweet n Sour - cinnamon sugar rim - cherry
COWBOYTINI 4 Jim Beam 2 Sweet n Sour 1 Triple Sec 1 Sprite - easy shake - add Sprite after shake
DIRTY 6 Vodka or Gin 2 Olive juice - olives
DIRTY CHOCOLATE 2 Chocolate vodka 2 Godiva White 2 Godiva Dark 2 Cream - chocolate mousse rim
DUSTY 7 Vodka 1 Olive Juice - olives
RABBI 6 Vodka 2 Pickle juice - pickle spear
THE 5TH AMENDMENT 1 Vodka 1 Gin 1 Rum 1 Triple Sec 2 Sweet n Sour 1 Blue Curacao - lemon and cherry
FILTHY 5 Vodka 3 Olive juice - olives
FRENCH 3 Vodka 3 Pineapple 2 Framboise - lemon twist
FRENCH KISS 3 Vanilla Vodka 3 French Vanilla Kahula 2 Cream - orchid
GIMLET 5 Vodka or gin 3 Roses Lime - lime - splash of Soda possible - can be made with fresh lime and 1 Simple Syrup
GIBSON 7 Vodka or Gin - splash of dry Vermouth - cocktail onion
ITALIAN ICE 4 Tuaca 1 Lemoncello 2 Sweet n Sour 1 Triple Sec - lemon or lemon twist
KEY LIME 2 Coconut Rum 2 Liquor 43 2 Pineapple 2 Sweet n Sour - graham cracker rim - lime
LEMON DROP 4 Vodka 2 Sweet n Sour 2 Triple Sec - sugar rim - lemon
LOCHNESS 3 Coconut Rum 1.5 Blue Curacao 1.5 Midori 2 Pineapple - gummy worm
MANHATTAN 5 Bourbon 2 Sweet Vermouth - splash of Bitters - easy shake - cherry - "dry" sub dry Vermouth - "perfect" equal parts dry and sweet Vermouth
NAUGHTY ASIAN 2 Stoli Strasberry 4 Sexy Sauce 2 Champagne - 2 cherries
ORANGESICLE 2 Vanilla Vodka 2 Cointreau - orange slice 2 Orange Juice - heavy cream float
PEACH BELLINI 2 Stoli Peach 2 Peach Schnapps 2 Orange juice 2 Champange - cherry
RASP BONZAI 4 Vox Raspberry 2 Sweet n Sour 2 Raspberry Pucker - lemon twist and cherry
REDEYE 3 Vodka 1 Roses Lime 3 Bloody Mary mix - splash of Tobasco - splash of Worcestershire sauce - Celery Salt rim - lime and olives
ROB ROY 5 Scotch 2 Sweet Vermouth - easy shake - cherry - "dry" sub dry Vermouth - "perfect" sub equal parts sweet and dry Vermouth
SAKETINI 4 Vodka 4 Asian Pear Sake - cherry
SEATTLEBEAN 3 Van Gough Double Espresso Vodka 2 Starbucks Cream/Bailey's 2 cream - cherry
SEXYTINI 2 Vox Raspberry 4 Sexy Sauce 2 Champagne - orchid
WEDDING CAKE 2 Vanilla Vodka 2 Hazelnut 3 Pineapple 1 Cranberry
COSMOPOLITAN 5 Vodka 2 Triple Sec 1 Cranberry - lemon twist
CUCUMBER MARTINI 7 Vodka or Gin - muddled cucumber - optional splash of soda and simple syrup - cucumber slice
SPICY PEAR 5 Pear Vodka 2 Simple Syrup 1 Rose's Lime - muddled jalapeno and lime - lime and jalapeno slice
SHOGUN 2 Vodka 2 Amaretto 2 Rose's Lime 2 Pineapple splash of Midori - lime
Created by: xxcali182xx