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TCC-Crossland Prefix

TCC-Crossland Prefixes and Suffexes Part 2

mere- part merocine
patho- path- pathy- disease pathology
zyg- yoked zygote
-ology study of physiology histology biology
pedia- child pediatrician
-phil -philia love hydrophilic
uro- -uria urine glycosuria
karyo body megakaryocyte
mal- abnormal malabsorption
mamilli- little breast mamillary
meso- middle skin mesoderm
som- -some body somatic
-stomy mouth opening colostomy
tri- three trimester
infra- beneath infraorbital
inter- between interventricular
vas- vessal vascular
lact- -lacto lac milk prolactin
macr- large macrophage
-iod form odontiod process
thromb- clot thrombocyte
mega- big Megakaryocyte
men- month menstrual
intra- within or denoting negative intracellular
morpho- form morphology
podo- foot podocyte podiatrist
post- after postganglionic postscript
kerato- horn karatin
mito- thread mitosis
retro- backwards retroperitoneal
telo- end telophase
mast- breast mastoid
physio- nature physiology
odont- teeth odontiod process
kino- -kinin to move bradykinin
-lemma husk sarcolemma
myelo- marrow meloblast
oligo- little few oligiodendrocyte
supra- on the upper side supraspinous
pro- before prophase
proct- anus proctology
trans- through transporter
in- within or denoting negative inactive
leuko- white leukocyte
melan- black melanocyte
natri- sodium natriuretic
tetra- four tetrad tetris
-poiesis making hemopoiesis
therm- thermo- heat thermoregulation
neur- neuro- nerve neuromuscular
multi- many multicellular
pulmo- lung pulmonary
poly- many plysacharide
myo- muscle myofilament
-mural wall intramural
scler- sclero- hard sclera
-osis state or condition neurosis
thorac- chest thoracentesis
-tomy cut appendectomy anatomy
orb- circle orbicularis oris
para- beyond paraplegia
per- through throughout percutaneous
oo- egg oocyte
oto- ear
sarco- flesh sarcomere
meta- after beyond metaphase
osteon- osteo- bone osteocyte
spino- spina- vertebra colomn spinodeltoid
phot- light photreceptor
peri- around perineum perimeter
-opia eye optic
quadr- one quarter puadraplegia
re- again back again reinfection
rhin- nose rhinitis
nephr- kindey nephron
phag- to eat phagocyte
syn- together synthesis
sten- a narrowing stenosis
tropho nutrition trophoblast
-scope to view microscope
super- above beyond superficial
-phobe -phobia fear hydrophobic
platy- flat platysma
semi- half semilunar valve
mono- single monocyte
tox- poison toxin
-septic putrid anticseptic
iso- equal isotonic
-itis inflammation dermatitis
liga- to bind together ligase
nas- nose nasolacrimal duct
uni- one unicellular
tropo turning troponin
neur- neuro- nerves neuromuscular
pneum- air pneumonia
pre before precapillary sphincter
-sis state or condtion metastasis
sub- below subcutaneous
micr- small microscope
-sect to cut transect
stylo- stake pole styloid
Created by: sarah.teacher36



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