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Chapter 2 - Med Term

ana/ apart from, excessive
syn/ together
dia/ complete; through completely
pro/ before
tomo cut, slice, layer
corono structure that encircles like a crown
fronto front
antero before, front part
ventro front, abdomen
dorso back, dorsum
sagitto going front to back
medio middle
latero side
cephalo head
caudo tail
disto away from the center or point of orgin
proximo near the center or point of orgin
externo outside
intero inside
thoraco thorax
viscero large internal organs
micro one mollionth, small
macro large
scopo examine with an instrument
pulmono lung
spiro breath
vasculo blood vessel
hemato blood
immuno immune response
lympho lymph, lymphatic system
integumento skin
ortho straight
pedo child
skeleto skeleton
neuro nerve
uro urine, urinay system
urino urine, urinary system
producto produce
genito genitalia
gyneco female, woman
obstetro pregnancy and childbirth
crino secrete
opthalmo eye
oto ear
onco tumor, mass
nucleo nucleus
medico physician, medicine
dento tooth
dieto foods, diet
pharmaco medicine, drug
neo new
nato birth
iarto physicain, medical treatment
cavo hollow space
cranio cranium
chondro cartilage
inguino groin
ilio ilium
integumento skin
lumbo lower back; area between the ribs and pelvis
radio radius, x-rays, radiation
spino spine, backbone
thoraco thorax
verso to travel, to turn
umbilibo umbilicus, navel
prevento prevent
eti causes of disease
congenito present at birth
genero production, creation
heredito genetic inheritance
idio unknown, individual
patho disease, suffering
infecto disease within
communico impart; transmit
plasto growth; formation
nosocomio hospital
symptomato collection of systms
gnoso knowledge
chrono time
exacerbo increase, provoke
remisso send back
therapeuto therapy, treatment
fracto break up
surgo operative procedure
recupero recover
termino end, boundary
techno technical skill
ancillo servant, accessory
ambulato walking
habilitato-give abillity
postero back part
-atory pertaining to
-atic pertaining to
-ics knowledge, practice
-ics knwledge, practice
-crine things that secrete
-istry process related to the specialty of
-ics knowledge or practice
-active pertaining to
-ious pertaining to
-gen that which produces
-able able to be
-tion a process; being or having
-drome a running
-ory having the function of
-ery process of
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