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Basic Culinary #1

Dredge Coating with flour or bread crumbs, usually the first step in the breading procedure.
Edible Portion Part of the food that is usually eaten.
Brigade System Organization of kitchen for more efficiency.
A La Carte Each menu item has its own price.
Au Jus French term for roasted meats, poultry or game served with their natural, unthickened juices.
Cycle Menu Set of menus that change everyday for a certain period and then repeat in the same order.
Basting Wetting the surface.
Deglaze remove cooked particles from bottom of pan using an acid.
Rondeau A wide, round pot. Somewhat shallow with two hoop handles usually.
Boulanger Makes breads, rolls, etc.
Patisseir responsible for baked items, pastries, desserts.
Sauteuse skillet with slanted sides
Braising browning in fat, then simmering in a small quantity of liquid in a covered container.
Coagulate liquid changes to solid
Food Cost Percentage FC/MSP = FC%
Executive Chef role Head of kitchen, acknowledged by peers.
Rotisseur meat preparation/grill cook
Mireprox 50% onions, 25% carrots, and 25% celery
Sous Chef Second in charge, restaurant chef or area chef.
Conduction heat transfer from one object to another.
Fond Foundation or Basis (stock).
Jus Lie Sauce made by thickening brown stock with cornstarch or similar starch and often used like a demi-glaze, expecially to produce small sauces.
Sautior Skillet with vertical sides
Olfactory Bulb Sense of smell originates
Garde-Manager Responsible for cold kitchen items, butchery.
Point Simple but elegant looking dishes
Ounces in a Gallon 128
Pints in a Quart 2
Cups in a Quart 4
Ounces in a Cup 8
Tablespoons in an Ounce 2
Teaspoons in a Tablespoon 3
Cups in a Pint 2
Ounces in a Pint 16
What piece of equipment will produce most yield in a roast?
Three Moist heat cooking methods are... Poaching, Steaming, Boiling
Best type of pan for steaming vegetables?
What kettle prevents cream base scorching? steam kettle
What straightens a knife's blade? Steel
What sharpens a knife's blade? Stone
Very fine strainer Chinios
Used to remove particles from fryer. spider
Oven with blower fan is called what? Convection oven
1/2" perfect cube knife cut. Medium dice
Boiling point? 212*F
1/4" x 1/4" x 2" knife cut Batonet
Three dry heat cooking methods are? Roasting, baking, and grilling
1/8" perfect cube knife cut Brunoise
1/8" x 1/8" x 2" Julienne
Ribbon like cuts of leaves of cabbage. Chiffonade
Peeled, seeded and diced tomatoes is what cut? concassee
Simmering range? 185-205
Poaching range? 160-185
What early restaurantor is known for wait staff and wine choices? Fernand Point
#1 responsibility as chef To serve wholesome food.
Menu selling price - Food cost = ? Contribution margin
Proper use for side towel? handling hot pans
What two things does a standardized recipe ensure? Consistency and controls quality
Formula for conversion factor New Yield/ Old Yield = Conversion Factor
1st step before preparing menu items read entire recipe
3 examples of Escoffiers brigade system Patisseir, rotisseur, and Garde Manager.
5 effects of heat on food 1. Gelatixation (starch thickens upon heating) 2. Evaporation (water/liquid) 3. Melts (fats) 4. Coagulate (protein) 5. Caramelize (sugars)
3 things necessary to saute High heat, sauteuse, and clarified fat
2 things you can scale and volume measure the same. flour and eggs
As Purchased Weight before any prep.
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