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SAW Machine Gun

What is the maximum range of the M249 (SAW)? 3,600 Meters
What is the maximum effective range of the M249 with tripod and T+E? 1,000 Meters
What is the maximum range of the M249 against an area target for both tripod and bipod? Tripod – 1,000 Meters; Bipod – 800 Meters
What is the maximum range of the M249 against a point target for both tripod and bipod? Tripod – 800 Meters; Bipod – 600 Meters
What does S.A.W. stand for? Squad Automatic Weapon
What is the weight of the M249? 16.41 Pounds
What is the basic load of ammunition for the M249? 1,000 Rounds (Five 200 round drums)
What is the length of the M249? 40.87 Inches
Describe the M249. The M249 machine gun is a gas-operated, air-cooled, belt or magazine-fed, automatic weapon that fires from the open-bolt position.
What feild manual covers the M249? FM 3-22.68
What are the rates of fire for the M249? Sustained rate is 100 rounds per minute; Rapid rate is 200 rounds per minute; Cyclic rate is 650 to 850 rounds per minute
What are the 8 major groups of the M249? Operating Rod Group; Barrel Group; Handguard Group; Buttstock and Buffer Assembly Group; Trigger Mechanism Group; Gas Cylinder Group; Bipod Group; Receiver Group
The M249 is loaded, fired, unloaded and cleared from what bolt position? The open bolt position
What are the steps to the cycle of functioning for the M249? Feeding; Chambering; Locking; Firing; Unlocking; Extracting; Cocking
How do you adjust for windage with the M249? Adjustments for windage are made by traversing the rear sight right and left along the sliding scale.
How do you adjust for elevation with the M249? Adjustments for elevation (range) require the automatic rifleman to turn the elevation knob (closest to the buttstock) on the rear sight to the desired range setting.
Name 3 assault firing positions used with the M249. Shoulder, Hip, Underarm
What are two unique features of the M249? It has a regulator to change the rate of fire, and it is fed by M16 magazines as well as belt fed
What are the proper procedures for clearing the M249?
Created by: r.burns