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M2 Browning

.50 Caliber Machine Gun

What is the M2 .50 Cal machine gun used for? LOOK ON PAGE 4
What is the weight of the M2 .50 Cal machine gun? 84 LBS
Which field manual FM covers the M2 .50 Cal? FM 3-22.65
What is the importance of correct head space adjustment on the .50 Cal machine gun? Incorrect head space adjustment can cause a malfunction of the gun and lead to sluggish operation or failure to function freely.
What is the length of the barrel of the .50 Cal? 45 Iches
What is the maximum range of the .50 Cal? 6,764 Meters
What is the muzzle velocity of the .50 Cal? 3,050 Feet Per Second
What is the description of the M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun? The M2 is a belt-fed, recoil-operated,air-cooled, crew-served machine gun. The gun is capable of single shot, as well as automatic fire, and operates on the short recoil principle.
What is the maximum effective range of the .50 Cal against point and area targets? Point targets Single shot- 1,500 meters Area shot- 1,830 meters
To control the rate of fire on the M2, the gunner may use what methods of fire? Single Shot; Slow; Rapid; Cyclic
Describe the Single Shot method of fire on the M2 .50 Cal. Place the gun in the single-shot mode and engage the target with aimed shots. The machine gun is accurate out to 1,500 meters.
Describe the Slow method of fire on the M2 .50 Cal. Slow fire consists of less than 40 rounds per minute, in bursts of five to seven rounds, fired at 10- to 15-second intervals.
Describe the Rapid method of fire on the M2 .50 Cal. Rapid fire consists of more than 40 rounds per minute, fired in bursts of five to seven rounds, at 5- to 10-second intervals.
Describe the Cyclic method of fire on the M2 .50 Cal. Cyclic fire is when the weapon fires 450 to 550 rounds per minute.
What is the length of the .50 Cal, overall? Approximately 65.13 inches
What is the cyclic rate of fire of the M2 .50 Cal? 450-550 Rounds a minute
What type of front sight does the M2 .50 Cal have? A semi-fixed blade type with cover
What type of rear sight does the M2 .50 Cal have? A leaf type rear sight graduated in both yards and mils
What are the common malfunctions of the M2 .50 Cal? Failure to function freely; Uncontrolled automatic fire
What are the common stoppages of the M2 .50 Cal? Failure to Feed, Chamber, Lock, Fire, Unlock, Extract, Eject, Cock
What are the ten major components and assemblies of the M2 .50 Cal? Barrel Group; Carrier Assembly; Back Plate Group; Receiver Group; Bolt Stud; Cover Group; Barrel Buffer Body; Barrel Extension Group; Bolt Group; Driving Spring Rod Assembly
What are the proper procedures for performing immediate action on the M2 .50 Cal? LOOK ON PAGE 4
Created by: r.burns
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