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A and P ch#16

The Endocrine system

What is the Endocrine system? The body's second contolling system, which influences metabolic activities of cells using other horomones.
What are the endocrine glands? pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pineal, andf thymus.
What does the pancreas and gonads produce? horomones, and exocrine products
The hypothalmus has what function, and releases what? It has neural functions, and releases horomones
What are other tissues and organs that produce horomones? adipose cells, pockets of cells in the cells in the walls of the small intestine, stomach, kidneys, and heart
what is secreted by cells into the extracellular fluids? chemical substances
What regulates the metabolic function of other cells? horomones
What are slow acting (seconds-hours) and have prolonged effects? horomones
what are horomones classified as? acid-based and steroids
horomones produce what cellular changes in target cells? after plasma membrane permeability, stimulate protein synthesis, activate or deactivate enzyme systems, induce secretory activity, stimulate mitosis
What are the amino based horomones? amines, thyroxine, peptide, and protein
What binds to receptors on plasma membranes and use second messengers like regulatory G proteins? amino acide based horomones
What horomone uses gonadal and adrenocortical horomones? steroids
What horomone uses direct gene activation? steroids
Steroid horomone passes through the plasma membrane and goes directly to what? nucleus
What causes DNA transcription to produce MRNA? steroids
What is mRNA translated into? proteins
What system are the blood level of horomones controlled by? negative feedback
What varies only within a narrow range of feedback? blood levels of horomones
What are horomones synthesized and released in response to? humoral stimuli, neural stimuli, hormonal stimuli
What stimuli is used in secretion of horomones in direct response of changing blood levels of ions or nutrients? humoral stimuli
With humoral stimuli low blood Ca stimulates the parathyroid glands to secrete what horomone which causesthe blood Ca to rise and the stimulus to be removed? parathyroid hormone (PTH)
What stimuli uses nerves to stimulate horomone release? neural stimuli
Neural stimuli in preganglionic sympathetic nervous system stimulate the adrenal medulla to secrete what? catecholamines
what stimulus releases hormones in response to horomones produced by other endocrine glands? horomonal stimuli
The hypothalmatic horomones stimulate what? anterior pituitary
What horomones stimulate targets to secrete even more horomones? pituitary horomones
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