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unit 8- ap human geo

test bank w/ answers !

As a result of a 1979 Soviet invasion, what country generated one of the world's largest refugee migrations ? Afghanistan
an area organized into an independent political unit is a state
a group of people who occupy a particular area and have a strong sense of unity based on a set of shared beliefs is a nation
a state with control over its internal affairs has sovereignty
over the past half century, the number of sovereign states in the world increased by more than 100
the world's largest state is Russia
Korea is a good example of a nation divided between more than one state
Two cities in Morocco, Cueta and Melilla, are controlled by what country ? Spain
Which of the following is not true about both China and Taiwan ? Both now hold seats in the United Nations
The Fertile Crescent all of the above
the only large land mass not part of a sovereign state is Antartica
The first states in ancient Mesopotamia were city-states
political unity in the ancient mediterranean world reached its height in the Roman Empire
a territory tied to a state rather than being completely independent is a colony
the first widespread use of the nation-state concept came in Western Europe
the attempt by one country to impose political control over another territory is colonialism
the motives of european states in establishing colonies can be summarized as all but which of the following ? guilt
by 1900, the british could claim all but which of the following about their empire? their largest colonies had become independent by then
the world's smallest colony is pitcairn
a state is a good example of an organized region
a frontier, in contrast to a boundary, is an area rather than a line
which shape most easily fosters the establishment of effective internal communications for a smaller state compact
the germans established the proruption known as the Caprivi Strip in present day Namibia for which of the following reasons ? a,b and d
a feature of the physical environment commonly used to separate states include all but which of the following ? geometry
the boundary between the United States and Canada is best described by which of the following ? geometry
boundaries were redrawn in much of Europe after World War 1 according to the distribution of languages
the aozou strip is a good example of a geometric boundary
the problems experienced by Cyprus during the past four decades include all but which of the following ? a partition of the island by the british as part of independence
with the breakup of the soviet union, most russians are clustered in russia's western regions
conflict is widespread in africa in part because european colonial powers drew inappropriate boundaries
the kurds are a nationality divided among more than one state
in 2002 the organization of african unity was replaced by the african union
an increasing number of states have adopted a federal form of government primarily to satisfy the demands of competing nationalities
what was a distinctive feature of the world's superpowers between the 1940's and 1980's compared to other eras ? the number of superpowers was much lower than in the past
a state which places most power in the hands of a central government is a unitary state
after the fall of communism, poland delegated more authority to local governments
the border between germany and poland established after World War 2 was further west than the boundary before World War 2.
which of the following is not a member of the united nations ? taiwan
the european union has promoted economic growth in western europe
with the end of the cold war the european union has become the world's leading economic superpower
there are soem extremely small states in the world that have all but which of the following characteristics most are in the southern hemisphere
the british created different government structures for its various colonies to help protect the cultures in their territories
the most populous colony is ruled by the united states
elongated states may suffer from poor internal communication and difficulty defending its borders. Which of the following is not an elongated state ? namibia
terrorism differs from assassinations and other acts of political violence because attacks are aimed at ordinary people
which of the following is not true of Al-Qaeda al-qaeda is a single unified organization
cultural boundaries include all but which of the following ? geomorphic
states cooperate with each other for what kinds of reasons ? all of the above
the united nations is primarily what kind of cooperative effort ? all of the above
NAFTA is primarily what kind of cooperative effort ? economic
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