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MTChabner Final

med term

Acute Characterized by a relatively short onset and severe course
Adenocarcinoma A cancerous tumor of glandular (epithelial) cells
Adrenal Endocrine glands that are near (above) each kidney
Amniocentesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid from the sac around the fetus
Anemia deficiency of hemoglobin in red blood cells
Angi/o blood vessel
Angioplasty Surgical repair to open blocked vessels with a balloon and stent
Antepartum Before birth
Anterior front of the body
Antibody protein made by white blood cells and capable of destroying bacteria and viruses
Apnea person momentarily is not able to contract respiratory muscles or maintain airflow through the nose and mouth
Atheroscelerosis or arteriosclerosis collection of fatty plaque in arteries
Atrophy muscle becomes smaller as a result of lack of physical exercise
Bradycardia slow heart beat
Cartilage Flexible connective tissue found between bones at joints
Chemotherapy drug treatment for cancer
Cholecystectomy gallbladder resection
Clinical pertaining to patient care
Congenital anomaly An irregularity that occurs at birth
Craniotomy incision of the skull
CT scan series of x-ray images that show the body in cross section
Cystitis inflammation of the bladder or bladder infection
Cystoscopy Visual examination of the urinary bladder
Diaphragm The muscle separating the thoracic and abdominal cavities
dys- painful
hypo- too little, below
retro- behind
brady- slow
tachy- fast
dia- through, complete
aut- self
hyper- too much, above
pro- before, in front of
syn- together, with
sub- under
trans- across
tri- three
bi- two
uni- one
quadri- four
anti- against
ante- before
inter- between
intra- within
pre- before
post- after
peri- surrounding
con- with
epi- above
ad- toward
hemi- half
neo- new
mal- bad
meta- change, beyond
Ectopic pregnancy pregnancy outside the uterus most often in the fallopian tube
Electrocephalogram recording of the electrical conduction of the brain
Endo- and intra- within
Epithelial cells line the inner and outer surfaces of the body
Erythrocyte red blood cell
Gastrectomy gastric resection
Gastroenteritis Inflammation of the stomach and small intestine
Geriatrician doctor specializes in treating older patients
Hematuria blood in urine
Hemiplegia Paralysis of one side of the body
Hemodialysis Separation of waste (urea) from the blood by filtration through a machine
Hemoglobin Blood protein found in red blood cells
Hyperglycemia Excessive (more than normal) amount of sugar in the blood is
Hypo- under, deficient or less than normal
Hysterectomy removal of the uterus
Iatrogenic disorder unexpectedly caused by treatment previously prescribed by a doctor
intervertebral disk shock absorber between the vertebrae
Ischemia A condition in which blood is held back from an organ
Laparoscopy Visual examination of the abdomen performed with small incisions and an endoscope
Laparotomy Incision of the abdomen
Larynx The voice box
Leukemia a condition with an increase in malignant white blood cells
lumbar lower back
mammoplasty Surgical repair (augmentation or reduction) of breast tissue
Mediastinum space in the chest containing the heart
Metastasis spread of the primary cancer
Myalgia Pain in a muscle or muscles
Myelogram xray recording of the spinal cord after dye is injected
Myocardial infarction heart attack
Myoma A benign tumor of muscle
Nephrostomy opening from the kidney to the outside of the body
Neuralgia Nerve pain
Nosocomial infections arise as a result of hospital procedures
Oncologist doctor who treat cancer with medications
Ophthalmologist doctor trained to treat eye disorders
Opthaloscope The instrument used to visually examine the eye
Optometrist A health professional who tests the eyes for visual acuity, diagnoses and manages eye health, and prescribes corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.
-osis abnormal condition
Pathologist performs autopsies and examines biopsy samples
Peritoneum membrane surrounding the organs in the abdomen
Pharyngeal Pertaining to the throat
Pituitary endocrine gland located at the base of the brain
Pleuritis Inflammation of the membrane surrounding the lungs
Poly- and hyper- excessive
Prognosis Prediction about the outcome of treatment
Prolapsed organ slides or falls forward, the condition is called
Prosthesis artificial body part such as a leg
Pulmonary ( know how to spell and define) pertaining to the lungs
Radiation oncologist doctor specializing in treatment of diseases using high-energy radiation
Relapse return of symptoms
Ren/o and nephr/o kidney
Rheumatologist specialist in inflammatory joint and muscle disorders
sacrum The large triangular bone located just below the lumbar vertebrae, inserted like a wedge between the two hip bones
Sagittal plane plane that divides the body into right and left sides
Sarcoma A malignant (cancerous) tumor of flesh tissue
Spinal cord Nervous tissue surrounded by backbones
subdural hematoma An accumulation of blood located in the subdural space, between the dura mater and the arachnoid
Symptom Any subjective indication of a disease or a change in condition, as perceived by the patient
Syndrome A group of symptoms that occur together
Thoracic surgeon doctor who specializes in operating on the chest
Thrombosis cerebrovascular accident (CVA) can be caused by this blood clot
Thyroid endocrine gland
Tonsillectomy Removal of pharyngeal lymph tissue
Tracheostomy new opening in the windpipe
Transverse plane divides the body into upper and lower portions
Ultrasonography Process of recording sound waves to make an image of organs in the body
Uremia Renal failure leads to this blood condition of urine in the blood
Urologist A surgeon specializing in disorders of the male reproductive system and urinary tract in males and females
Endocrinologist A specialist who treats glandular disorders
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