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Mod B Unit 2 Review

Mr grants class

What is Elective Surgery? Surgery considered Medically nessacary, preformed when patient wishes.
How Hot should water be when doing a surgical scrub? Warm
What is Medical asepsis? Destruction of an organism after they leave the body
what intrument is used to remove items out of the body? Splinter forceps
what are airborne precautions? precations designed to reduce transmissions of certain diseases which are known to be airborne
what suture material absorbs the fastest? Plain cat gut
What is chromic cat gut? absorbable suture used to hold muscle together
what is known to be the tiniest organism? Virus
what is the word that means germ free? aseptic
What is germacide? a substance capable of killing a wide variety of microorganism. except for spores
what length should sutures be after you tie then cut? 1/8th to 1/4 inch from the knot
Know the infection chain: 1. resevoir Host 2. Means of exit 3.means of transmission 4. means of entrance 5 succeptable host
how long does it take to sterilize items? 15 minutes to an hour depending on materials. (see mod book pg 90 bottom of page)
What is an abrasion? a wound in which layers of the skin are rubbed away due to scraping. will generally heal without scarring
what are the ways not to spread disease? Practricing basic aseptic techniques, like handwashing, brushing teath ect.
What is cryo surgery? prcedure to treat cervical erosion and chronic cervicitis.
what is laceration? Wound in which the edges are torn in an irregular shape. can cause profuse bleeding and scarring.
what would i use to disinfect an enviroment and what is the ratio? liquid germicide or bleach solution 1:10 ratio
what is a mayo stand? smal portable tray/table used to hold instrument during a procedure
what is known to be the smallest suture material? polyester
what is outpatient surgery? surgical procedure preformed which does not require a stay in the hospital
ac Before Meals
AD right ear
ad lib as desired
AS left ear
AU Both ears
bid twice a day
c with line over it with
cap(s) capsules(s)
cc cubic centimeters
DC,disc. d/c,DISC discontinue
disp dispense
dil dilute
Dx Diagnosis
G gauge
gt one drop
gtt two or more drops
hs Hours of sleep
IM Intramuscular
inj injection
IV Intravenous
L with circle around it Left
mg Milligram
mL milliliter
mm millimeter
noct night
non rep Do not repeat
NPO Nothing by mouth
Noc Night
OD Right eye
OS ledt eye
OU Both eyes
OTC Over the counter
oz ounce
pc after meals
po by mouth
prn as needed
q every
q2h every 2 hours
qam every morning
qd once a day/every day
qh every hour
qhs every night
qid four times a day
qod every other day
Rx take
s without
sc subcutaneous
Subc,subQ subcutaneous
SOB Shortness of Breath
sig. label as follows/directions
ss one-half
stat immediatetly
subling sublingual
susp suspension
syr syrup
T,tbsp tablespoon
tab tablet
tid three times a day
tsp teaspoon
ung ointment
ut dict, UD as directed
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