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Anne Frank

Stack #80960

Question/ WordAnswer
Where is Anne from? Germany
Where did the Franks escape to after Hitler came to power? Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands).
How long was she in hiding? 25 months.
When was she born? June 12, 1929.
When did they move into the annex? July 6, 1942.
Where was the annex? Above Otto Frank's office.
When are they captured? August 4, 1944.
Who were the four helpers? Miep Gies, Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman and Bep Voskuijl.
Who survived? Otto Frank.
Who is aloof? Peter
Who is congenial? Mr. Frank when he gives the Van Daan's the room upstairs.
How is Anne acquiescent? She agrees to share a room with Dussel even though she didn't want to.
Who is coquettish? Mrs. Van Daan when she asks Mr.Frank if he likes her legs.
When are Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan discordant? When they are arguing about Mr. Van Daan's smoking habits.
When does Mr. Dussel disparage Anne? He is frustrated about her nightmare and how she tosses and turns in her sleep.
Anne is _____ when she receives her box of movie star photographs and a diary. ecstatic.
mercurial quick or changeable in behavior.
ostentatiously showily
monologue A long speech by a character in a play.
comic relief use of humor in an otherwise serious literary work to relieve the dramatic tension and to heighten the emotional impact by contrast.
Who are the playwirghts of the Diary of Anne Frank? Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich.
ineffectually without an effect
What is the setting of the play? The Secret Annex, in Amsterdam, Holland in 1945. It flashbacks to 1942-1944 though.
despairing hopeless
contemptible despicable
When is Mrs. Frank vitriolic (harsh)? When she criticizes Mr. Van Daan for stealing food and orders him to leave.
When is Mr. Frank conciliatory (to make peace)? When he tries to calm down Mrs. Frank.
Miep is _____ when she arrives a tthe annex with the news that the allied invasion has begun. blithe (lighthearted).
Peter is _____ when he says that he isn't smart. self-deprecating. (putting yourself down).
Who was Mr. Frank's business partner? Mr. Van Daan.
Created by: issyjan93