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sat vocab section

sat vocab section 1

clear concise and to the point succinct
givin into hostle behavior belligerent
funny and amusing facetious
stuburn, inflexible and hard to persuade obdurate
overtrow ideas aconoclasic
not yeilding to, disobediant insubordinate
having or showing conflicting feelings about an object ambivalant
so sad, as to be without cheer, comfort, or hope disconsolote
to surrender or yeild capitulate
person who rules as a represent ative of god theocrat
total rejection of all political and institutions, supporter of terrorism nihilism
to wear an opponent down to the point they surrender attrition
adherence to the truth veracity
a funny or silly mixture of words malopropism
given into wickedness of immorality reprobate
a military draft conscription
not yielding, stubborn dogged
something not typical aberration
to approach and speak to someone aggresively accost
easy to talk to, friendly affable
an unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress affectation
feeling loving in a physical sense amorous
absense of government or control anarchy
resentment, hosility, ill will animosity
lack or interest, lack of feeling apathy
of dubious authenticity, fictitious apocryphal
capacity for learning, natural ability aptitude
passionate, enthusiasic ardent
to pacify, to sooth, to ease the pain of, to relieve assuage
favorable, promising, pointing to a good result auspicious
stronghold,fortress, fortified place bastion
a showy but worthless or useless thing bauble
to surge, swell, or rise like or in a great wave billow
without a care, cheerful blithe
breifull, quick brevity
charmingly rural, countrylike bucolic
to expand, to flourish burgeon
a harsh, sounding mixture of words, voices or sounds cacophony
immature, inexperienced callow
purification that brings emotional relief or renewal catharsis
to speak badly of disparage
withdraw or removal from the worl at large sequester
common, ordinary mundane
search for or expose muckrake
repulsive repugnant
doesnt follow logically nonsequitor
tending to talk to much loquacious
tempting with something that is out of reach tantalize
Created by: jmitchell96
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