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Haney Athena 4

Haney Sport Med Ch4

What kind of snack should you eat before a work out? High Carbohydrate Snack
What kind of snack should you eat after a workout? a Snack with Protein and Carbs
What are carbohydrates? sugars and our muscles fuel for high intensity exercise
Why do we need protein? to maintain, repair and rebuild our muscles.
Can fats be used by our muscles as fuel for a high intensity workout? No.
What do carbs do during a workout? Carbs replace the fuels during a workout.
What does keeping track of your mood and fun activities proven to do? it is proven to reduce feelings of depression among teens
What should you do when your mood is low? Do more fun acticities to get your mood up again.
Instead of being young and beautiful what happens to women who smoke? yellow teeth, bad breath, and wrinkles at a younger age
For every 9 out of 10 women, what do they wish? they wish they never started.
What do nutrition adds do to make you believe there healthy? they show graphs, before and after pictures, and have people looking like a doctor or scientist
80 grams of protein from a chicken breast costs about $3.00, how much does 80 grams of protein from a protein shake cost? about $10.00 or more.
Are supplements checked for ingredientns and purity like perscription drugs? No.
What do supplement ads do to make people look better? Air brushed, and use models that dont look like that in real life.
True or false: 70% of adults drink little or no alcohol True
What happens to people the next day after they drink? They are more likely to get a head ache and feel sick.
What does alcohol make people do? Argue and fight.
True or Fale: Alcohol can damage muscles abd dehydrate you? TRUE.
True or False : If you are having an aful time on a date, alcohol will make it better. False.
When do men tend to drink more? With their buddies, after work with the guys, or to feel like "one of the guys"
When do women tend to drink more? When they are sad and alone.
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