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Haney Athena 3

HaneySports Med Ch. 3

Why do our bodies need protein? to repair and rebuild muscles & increase our endurance.
What is calcium? Calcium is a mineral that is important for healthy bones, and it strengthens the ligaments and tendons that attatch to the bone
After about what age do our bones slowly loose calcium? age 25
What happens to women athletes who do not get enough calcium? They are more likely to have stress fractures and also more tendonitis.
How many miligrams of calcium do young women athletes need? 1300 miligrams
What effects your mood? The things you do; when you feel down, doing fun things can make you feel better.
What drugs make you have a high heart rate? Diet Pills, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Methamphetamines
What drugs lowers hormone levels and weaken bones? Alcohol & Tobacco
What drugs cause liver damage? Alcohol and Steriods.
What drugs make your voice deepen? Steriods.
What drug makes your brian lazy at workouts? Marijuana.
About how much calcium does 1 cup of milk have? 300 miligrams
About how much calcium does soy milk have? 25 Miligrams
What drug causes less oxygen in blood? Tobacco
Created by: mhtgroup