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Ear;y Socialism

Uptopian Socialism ideal comminities, values of capitalisitic framwork, family and sexuality were a major part of this paryocular movment
What did Count Claude Henri de Saint-Simon believe modern society was and how it should be broken down? mordern society was to be rationally manged with private things such as wealth and property taken care of by administrative people and the government deal with social harmony
What were Saint-Simon societies? a place to discuss advanced social ideals
What did Roberto Owen test in new Lanark? His ideas which involved proper housing for everyone, an education for children, rewards for good work and churches
What was the outcome of both the New Harmony Community and the Grand National Union? They failed
what did Charles Fourier believe? Believed that industrial order ignored the passionate side of people
what were Phalanxes made up of? liberated living, multiple jobs so you wouldn't become bored, less isolation
What did The Organization of labor by Louis Blanc do? it was a political reform that allowed workers to vote
Who were anarchists? people who rejected industry and government
What did Auguste Blanqui want? to abolish capitalism and the state
What did Pierre-Joseph proudhon do with his What is property? He attacked the banks and gave reasons why they needed to expand credit
What did Proudhon believe society was? Mutualism; consists of only small buisnesses and trading of goods
what was Marxism? A movement that had the most influence over modern europe that consisted of scientific accuracy and rejecyed reform
Karl Marx and Friedrich Enles worked together on the ______________ and the __________. The condition of the wokring class in england and the communist manifect
According the the Communist Manifect, what is communism? the aboliton of private property instead of less extensive reorganizatino of society
Created by: Cianci