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chapter 6 anatomy an

Define Protoplasm: Colorless Jelly-like substances found inside cells in which food elements such as protein, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts & water are present
What are the 3 main parts of the cell? nucleus,cell membrane & cytoplasm
what is mitosis? cells dividing into 2 new cells ( daughter cells)
The complex chemical process where body cells are nourished & supplied with energy needed ti carry on their many activities is called_____________________. Metabolism
Define Catabolism: The phase of metabolism that involves the breaking down of complex compounds withinthe cells into smaller ones resulting in the release of energy to perform functions such as muscular movement or digestion.
tissue that carries food, waste products & hormones throught the body is known as___________. Liquid
During catabolism, energy can be stores by special molecules & used for _________, _________, or _________. muscles, secreations or heat production
What is epithelial tissue? Is a protective covering on body surfaces.
Define Connective tissue: Serves to support, protect & Bind together other tissues of the body.
Structures of the body that are designed to accomplish a specific function are called______. Organs
What is another name for skin? Integumentary
What are the 3 parts of a muscle? Origin, Insertion & Belly
The muscles that straighten the wrist, hand, and the fingers to form a straight line are called the_______. Extensors
What are the Flexors and what movements are they involved in? Extensor Muscles of the wrist, invilved in bending the wrist
Define Pectoralis: Muscles of chest that assist the swinging movements of the arm.
Frontal Forms the forehead
Parietal Forms the sides and top of the cranium
temporal bones that form the sides of the head in ear region
maxillae bones of the upper jaw
mandible lower jawbone largest and strongest of the face
occipital hind most bone of the skull, below the back of the skull above the nape
epicranius broad muscle that covers the top of the skull
Orbicularis Oculi Muscle that enables you to close your eyes
Frontalis Anterior portion of the epicranius muscle of the scalp that raises the eyebrows & causes the wrinkles on the forehead.
Masseter & Temporalis Muscles that coordinate in opening & closing the mouth
corrugator Muscles located beneath the frontalis & orbicularis oculi that draws the eyebrows down and wrinkles forehead vertically
Buccinator thin flat muscle of the cheek between the upper lower jaw that compresses the cheek and expels air between the lips
Stemocleidomastoideus Muscle that rotates & bends the head, as in nodding..
Biceps muscle producing the contour of the front and inner sides of the upper arm: they lift the forearm & flex the elbow
Created by: misty0811
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