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etymology final

all words that will possibly be pn the etymology final.

acquiesce accept something reluctantly but without protest
ambiance the character and atmosphere of a place
appall greatly horrify
auspices under the auspices of with the help, support, or protection of (forces of protection)
Bacchanal a drunken celebration
Certitude something that someone firmly believes is true
congested blocked up or too full of something
Consortium several business' or companies
consummate to make perfect
Declivity a downward slope
decorous keeping with good taste and propriety
depose remove from office
deracinate (poetic) tear something up by the roots
desultory lacking a plan or purpse
detritus waste or debris of any kind
ecstasy intense joy
edification improvement of a person morally or intellectually
elaborate detailed and complicated in design and planning
elegiac having a mournful quality
euphoria feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness
extant still in existence
festooned to decorate
flagrant obviously offensive
flourish grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way
fulminate expressing protest
germane relevant to a subject under consideration
gestation using hand motions when speaking for emphasis
hoi polloi the common people
impaired having a disability of a specific kind
impeccable faultless
impending be about to happen
implicit implied though not plainly expressed
incandescent shinning very brightly
incense smoke or perfume
inexplicable unable to be explained or accounted for
Created by: jakkkk