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Ch. World History 4

The Age of Exploration and Absolutism in Europe

The printing press, the astrolabe, and the new maps were technological advances that contributed to the c. exploration and overseas expansion of the colonial empires
Which was an immediate result of the European Age of Exploration? b. European influence spread to the Western hemisphere
In Latin America during the early period of Spanish colonialism, the deaths of large numbers of the native people led to a. the importation of slaves from Africa
The term “Triangle Trade” refers to c. The movements of trade goods between three continents
What was one effect of the Columbian exchange? c. The introduction of new foods to both Europe and the Americas
Which was a characteristic of the policy of mercantilism followed by Spanish colonial rulers in Latin America? c. The colonies were required to provide raw materials to Spain and to purchase Spanish manufactured goods
Which of the following would be an example of Mercantilism? a. England taking America cotton to make clothing to sell to the colonists
What is circumnavigation and who led the expedition that first accomplished this task? c. sailing around the world, Magellan
Copernicus proposed the c. heliocentric theory
The geocentric theory proposed that b. the planets and the sun rotated around the earth
Tyco Brahe used evidence to prove the theory of a. Copernicus
Keppler was most famous for his discovery that planets d. travel in ellipses around the sun
The Portuguese explorer who first sailed around the southern tip of Africa was… a. Bartholomew Dias
The Spanish explorer who searched Florida for the Fountain of Youth: b. Ponce de Leon
The Spanish began to create colonies in the New World, colonies are… b. Lands that were controlled by another country
This explorer conquered the Incan empire in South America d. Francisco Pizzaro
After many years, natives mixed with the Spanish population and created a class of people known as… a. Mestizos
For what reason did the Puritans and Pilgrams come to the New World? b. For more religious freedoms
A 1754 dispute over land claims in the Ohio Valley led to a war between the French and the British known as the… e. The French and Indian Ware. The French and Indian War
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