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Ch. World History 3


How did the Pope and the Catholic Church fight heresy? d. The Inquisition was used to urge heretics to recant their beliefs.
Which of the following contributed to the birth of the Renaissance in Italy? d. A wealthy merchant class who became patrons
The artists of the Renaissance focused on _______. a. Humans and everyday life
Renaissance architects favored which of the following styles? d. The Greek and Roman and Gothic style
In the Renaissance period, which belief was key to the philosophy of humanism? b. Value of the individual
Which idea about leadership would have been supported by Niccolo Machiavelli? d. Leaders should do evil if necessary to achieve their goals.
Which statement best describes a characteristic of the Renaissance in Europe? b. Creativity in the arts was encouraged.
Which statement describes a direct effect of the Renaissance on Western Europe? d. The philosophy of humanism caused a decrease in the power of the Roman Catholic church.
Which innovation led directly to the developments listed in the box above? c. The printing press
Prior to the Protestant Reformation, the medieval church in Western Europe was criticized for _______. c. Being too concerned with worldly power and riches
Prior to the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic clergy paid for church projects by doing which of the following? d. Raising money by selling indulgences
Which factor most helped to bring about the Protestant Reformation? a. The Catholic clergy were criticized for Worldliness, using Nepotism and Simony
The Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation were similar in that both were _______. a. Stimulated by a questioning spirit
The focus on humanism during the Renaissance and Reformation impacted the Catholic Church by _______. b. Causing people to become less religious by focusing more on their everyday human lives, problems, and happiness.
Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses were a call for _______. d. Reforms within the Roman Catholic Church
Martin Luther’s posting of the Ninety-Five Theses is considered by many to be a turning point in history because _______. c. The Catholic Church weakened and royal power grew
Which of the following would be an example of the Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses? b. The Catholic (Counter) Reformation ended the sale of indulgences.
The Protestant Reformation represents a turning point in European history because it _______. b. Offered a new alternative to the Roman Catholic Church
The Reformation and Catholic (Counter) Reformation highlight the _______. d. Religious and political struggle between Protestants and Catholics
In Spain, an effect of the Inquisition (Catholic Reformation) during the 16th century was to _______. a. Slow or stop the growth of Protestant religions
During the crusades, many European kingdoms joined together to reclaim the Holy Land. Which of the following was a result of the crusades? a. New trade routes were established between Europe and the Middle East.
In what way were the effects of the Crusades and the Plague similar? c. Both of these events caused a decrease in the supply of peasant labor which hurt the feudal system.
What impact did the translation of the Bible have on European society? c. People relied less on the clergy because they could read the Bible themselves
In what way did Leonardo da Vinci represent the Renaissance Man? a. He was a painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist.
Luther protested the practice of selling indulgences. What was that practice? b. The clergy sold pardons that released people from performing penalties for their sins.
What kind of person represented the ideal of the “Renaissance man”? b. Someone who excelled in many areas of study including art and science
What was an important effect of the invention of the printing press? d. It increased literacy and the use of the vernacular.
Which of the following was a reason for the Reformation? c. The Catholic church was engaged in abuses such as Worldliness and selling indulgences
Which of the following was one of Luther’s main beliefs? d. Salvation was earned through faith in God.
Families like the Medici’s of Italy spent large amounts of money for art and financially supported the artists. These families were… a. Patrons
The Renaissance featured a focus on Humanism. Humanism is… c. The focus on human potential and achievements of humans
Machiavelli advised all rulers to be… b. Strong and vicious, it is better to be feared than loved
Gutenberg, Shakespeare, and Utopia, are all associated with… a. The Northern Renaissance
Dante was a Renaissance writer who wrote in Vernacular. Vernacular means, d. A native, local language instead of Latin
How was the Anglican Church in England established? b. Henry created the new church because the Pope would not allow him to divorce Catherine
Lutheranism is a Protestant religion, this term applies to, a. Christians who belonged to non-Catholic religions
The belief that God has known who will be saved from the beginning of time is known as… e. Predestination
The Catholic Reformation was an attempt to… a. Maintain loyal followers by correcting old abuses
The group whose mission was to build schools, convert non-Christians to Catholicism, and stop the spread of Protestantism were known as… c. Jesuits
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