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Ch World History 2

Medieval Europe Test

Which of the following Characteristics does not describe Medieval Europe. a) Urban centers increased in population
How did the absence of a government cause a decrease in trade during the Middle Ages? Travel became unsafe which caused a breakdown in trade
This King was best known for his conversion to Christianity and being the first Frankish King. b) Clovis
Known as a King who wanted to revive education, he was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. a) Charlemagne
This group of warriors sailed south from Scandinavia and attacked Europe, stealing and burning whatever they could. c) Vikings
Why was feudalism important for Medieval Kings? b) It enabled them to cover the expensive cost of keeping a cavalry
In feudalism, vassals were given grants of land also known as… d) Fiefs
In exchange for a grant of land, a vassal would provide… a) Military service to the King
Lords were given total authority in the manor. What obligation did they have to their peasants? c) To protect the peasants and serfs
Which of the following most accurately describes life for Medieval women? b) Women were treated poorly; they had few rights and were married young to a man of her fathers choosing
Which of the following terms or phrases described the code of conduct for the knights? d) Chivalry
Which of the following terms describes the political relationships between nobles and peasants? a) Feudalism
Which of the following best describes Manorialism? c) It attempts to define the social and economic roles of the people who lived on the manor; who does what job and what how they interact
How did the three field system increase the production of crops? b) It preserved the soil by rotating crops
Which of the following best describes the life of a peasant? a) Peasants lived in poor conditions and were hit hard by famine and disease
Which of the following was an economic cause of the crusades? b) Crusaders wanted to gain wealth and new lands
Which of the following was social cause of the crusades? d) European people wanted to see new lands
Which of the following was a political effect of the crusades? d) The Catholic Pope’s power over Kings increased
Which of the following is a religious effect of the crusades? b) A broad religious spirit grew
Why was the Magna Carta important? a) It outlined rights for the people of England
In 1066, William the conqueror c) Defeated the Anglo-Saxons and established Norman England
What impact did the Plague have on Religion? b) Churches were blamed for not helping enough membership decreased
What was a political effect of the Plague? d) Monarchs (Kings) gained in power as people turned from the church
What factors led to the revival of Europe and lifted it out of the Dark Ages? a) New trade routes established due to the crusades
The growth of feudalism in Europe during the Middle Ages was primarily caused by… d. the collapse of the Roman Empire
How did the Black Death change the power of the church? c. It decreased the power of the church because the peoples’ faith in God was shaken by the tragedies the plague caused.
What effect did the Magna Carta have on King John’s power to rule? b. It limited the power of the King by strengthening the rights of the people and Parliament.
Which statement best describes the religious beliefs held by the monks and nuns living in the monasteries and convents? d. The monastic lifestyle required the monks to remove themselves from society, and therefore, temptation.
Which statement best describes the hierarchy that was used in the feudal system of Europe in the Middle Ages? c. Lords would grant lesser nobles fiefs of land in exchange for military loyalty.
What inference can be drawn from the location of the church in this drawing? d. Religion played a significant role in the lives of the people
How did the guild system help the common people of Europe? b. It organized labor and provided benefits to the people such as medical aid and unemployment relief.
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