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First National Gov.

The Articals of Confederation

Each state could only have___vote. One
for a law to pass you needed____states to vote in favor of the law. nine
the only way to amend (change)the Constitution was to have___ states agree. All
There was no leader in our country from__-___ 1781-1787
There were no ______ or ____ courts or jails
The ideal place utopia
what could the national government not do?? tax
philidelphia constitutional convention
country struggled for ___ years with this government. Six
The Virginia Plan was created by who?? James Maddison of Virginia
the _____ members of this house are citezens of the state they represent.The # from each state is determined by the states population. House of Reoresentatives
N.C. has ___ representatives and they are elected every __ years 13 2 years
feared that the largest states would become more powerful if their population became larger than the smaller states The New Jersey Plan
all bills that would spend money had to begin in the House of Representatives The Great Compromise
has _____ senators and are elected ever ____ years 2,6 years
White house... president...term _____ years may win ___ terms The executive branch 4 years 2 terms
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