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CDC Book 1

Unit Review Questions

What Air Force document outlines the basis if the Civil Engineer organizations? Joint Publication 3-34, Engineer Doctrine for Joint Operations
Readiness to respong with an angineering capability is best provided through mobility posturing of CE personnel and extensive exercising during peacetime.
To what three organizational levels does Air Force Instrcution 10-401, Air Force Operations Planning and Execution, describe an air expeditionary force(AEF)? Squardon, Group, Wing
Which term best completes the following statement? The Base Civil Engineer is a Squadron Commander
The Operations Flight contains four elements, material acquisition, facility maintenance, heavy repair, and Infrastructure Support
Under what flight doesn HVAC/R section fall? Operations
Which is not a duty of the Operations flight? Direct airfield operations
What trade is not found within the Operations flight? Munitions conteol specialists
RED HORSE units directly support combat air power WORLDWIDE
What two units supplement active duty units to create a major force in worldwide deployments to meet mission requirements? ANG and AFR
Who schedules and cooridnates ANG and AFRC training deployments to support active MAJCOM requirements and Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise? HQ AFCESA
When does HQ AFCESA conduct a deployment workshop to coordinate requirements with ANG and AFRC? Annually in April or May
MAJCOMs establish UTC for the operations withing the command. These codes esatblish the size, composition, and equipment that make up what type of teams? Prime BEEF
MAJCOMs endure that Prime BEEF operational and training activities comply with environmental laws and standards described in AFPD 32-70 Environmentaly Quality
What does the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program provide to a Prime BEEF team? Relief orr augmentine forces.
To "develop and maintain a highly skilled, agile military combat support civil engineer force capable of rapid response to support worldwide contingency opertions" is an objective of what program? Prime BEEF
What is used to make Prime BEEF unit response times be equal to or less than the reponse times for the aircraft units? OPLAN tasking
Being assigned to a Prime BEEF team, you must be ready to mobilize on a moments notice. To be ready means that you understand your duty responsibilities, make sure that your personal affairs are in place, and ensure that your family members are prepared.
What Air Force instructional guidance is the source document for all Prime BEEF training? AFI 10-210 Prime BEEF program
When a Prime BEEF member relocates to another duty station or separates from the Air Force, where is a copy of the AF Form 1098, Special Task Certification and Recurring Training placed? AF Form 623, Individual Training Record
The primary purpose of Tier 3, Silver Flag, training is for studdents to show their ability to perform what tasks in a team environment? Critical contingency
What provides a Prime BEEF unit with a listing of items with which to deploy? Equipment and Supplies Listing (ESL)
When you are assigned to a Prime BEEF position, you are issued a general purpose, an extreme cold weather bag, and a chemical warfare bag
What will be your promart weapon to use when assigned to a Prime BEEF position? M-16 Rifle
The Air Force comprehensive plan is comprised of four basic parts: general plan, compenent plans, special plans and studies, and maps
The general plan generally synopsizes information from the component plans as well as other planning documents
What helps to visually explain the narrative contained in the general plan, component plan, and special plans and studies? pictures
What enables the Exeditionary GeoBase? GeoReach process
What do we call geospatial data layers supporting one or more functional communities specific missions or processes? mission data set
Who may designate a fused installation picture as classified depending on th epotential threat visibility that arises when otherwise unclassified CIP/MDS layers are combined? Functional Communities
Which AF manual covers the classification of AFSC? AFM 36-2108 Enlisted Classification
Each Air Force Specialty is combined into a broad and more functional category called a career field
As a journeyman , you are expected to know assigned duties and perform them in a timely manner and with minimum supervision
Which skill level must you obtain before you can be promoted to staff? 5 skill level
Completion of what course authorizes you to wear the senior CE occupational badge? Craftsman course in residence
Why does the Air Force want to provide you with training and education? build knowledge and skills to carry out the mission
What document identifies education and training requirements for every career field and serves as a road map for career progression career field education and training plan
What is the forum for changing the CFETP? utilization and Training workshop
What does the AF call the ability to recall methods, procedures, tools, and equipment? Task knowledge
What gives you a reference yo complete a task that is outlined in the Specialty Training Standard? Technical reference in the fist column
What does a solid triangle in the QTP sub column identify? QTP is currently available
Which airmen are always required to maintain training records airmen basic thru staff
What electroinc training program consolidates all of the training forms into easy to us eparts within itself? COVER train
Which screen in COVER train contains basic information about you? profile
In what two formats might an AFQTP be presented? paper based and CD-ROM interactive
Who must sign entries electronically on the 623a screen? you and your supervisor
Which COVER train screen allows section to document training for one of a kind systems 797
On which screen does you supervisor sign you off as you complete the required AFQTP AFQTP
Who does the MTL identify specific training for in a section? each individual
Within how many days must your supervisor conduct a training needs review after your assignment to your new scetion? 60 days
If the individual meets all of the training goals for you section, what training code do you assign them? R
If you do wish to attend a course that is unfunded, who must determine if the need is great enough to warrant using unit funds to pay for it? unit
Certification can be driven by what higher authorities national or DOD
CerTest is a powerful training management tool. What can it measure concerning training and experience? Strengths and weaknesses
What happens with the CerTest program if you happen to fail a second time? report is generated, systems lock you out, further study is required.
What term means having a relationship based on mutual trust? Rapport
What is based on how well you fulfill your customers needs? Customer Satisfication
When must you respond to and complete an urgent work order within 5 duty days
What is the timetable for completing routine work unless there is a delay due to receiving materials? 30 calender days
How many methods can you use to assign more than one shop to complete a task? 3
What provides you with a list of required maintenance actions, the reference to complete the tasks, the standard amount of time to complete each task, the crew size required to accomplish the task, and how often the task is completed? maintenace action sheet
what happens to an recurring work program (RWP) item that does have a complete indicator? it remains on the next week schedule as working
what matches labor, materials, and equipment resources to work requirements? scheduling
what tracks labor spent each month? Labor Utilization Codes (LUC)
what type of LUC identifies non-productive labor hours? indirect
what do we call your supervisor accounting for all of your time throughtout the day? inputting labor
what is the first step to developing an automated report? determining what information you need to see
what is a process that allows you to get everything you need to complete the work? planning
what contains a detailed description of the work, where to perform the work, and a POC? work request
once you have updated the as built drawing, to whom must you deliver the updates so they can update the master files? maintenance engineering drafting section
what are the systematic procedures for any jobs or the sequences for work in order of performance? job phases
what section of CE monitors and controls the flow of material to the shops? material control
what is a simply a material list required to complete a job? bill of materials
what is the numbering system used in CE consoildated supply listing
what is a credit card we use for the purchase of material for the government use? GPC
What kind of responsibility does anyone possessing governemnt property have and becomes personally responsible for the property, whter use of the property is official or personal and whether or not there is a signed receipt for the propert? custodial
what do we call an AF Form 1297, Temporary issue receipt, that we use to track accountability of an item? hand receipt
what pubilcations are orders of the Secretary of the AF, approved in the Secretariat or the Air Staff, which are directive in nature? AFI
What publications are additional publications that extend or add material to publications issed by higher headquarters or agencies? supplements
what publications are extensions of instructions and are, therefore, also directive publications. they both contain guidance and procedures which usualy contain examples for performing standard tasks, or supporting education and training programs? AFMAN
What publications are informational publications, normally are "how to" documents and may include procedures for implemnting AF policies AFPAM
What series of publications guide policy and procedures on all aspects of AF CE, including management of real property assets? 32 series
waht does the long title search use to find the publication for which yu are looking? publication type
what agency issues standards and other publications which implement the OSHA? DOL
what type of regulations consists of a compilation of general and permanent rules as published in the Federal Register? CFR
what are two categories into which commercial publications fall? regulatory and technical
which commercial publicatons provide the "how to" aspect of a job? technical
what does the engineer technical letter system provide for you? specific design guidance, procedures, criteria, and standards
once published, how long does an engineer technical letter remain in effect? until it is canceled, rescinded, or superseded by a later ETL
what are two internet sources from which you can get engineer technical letters? HQ AFCESA publication web page and the US Army Corps of engineers web page
what provides an official means of distrubing technical guidance and safety procedures pertaining PM and equipment operation and maintenance? technical guides
what website do you refernce for the latest technical gudie updates? AFPMB
what provides the only official means of disseminating technical information, instructions, and safety procedures pertaining to the operation, maintenance, and modification of equipment? technical orders
what did the book SILENT SPRING by rachel carson illustrate? the damages from pesticide and herbicide applications
what day did wisconsin senator gaylord nelson prpose be set aside to address environmental problems and later became known as earth day? april 22, 1970
what agency leads the nations environmental science, research, education, and assessment efforts? EPA
What environmental act established a national environmental policy with goals for the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the environment? NEPA
what requires federal agencies to incorporate environmental considerations in their planning and decision making process? NEPA
whose regulations mandate that all federal agencies use a systematic interdisciplinary approach to environmental planning and the evalution of actions that may affect the environment? council on environmental quality
whose other than environmental planning function determine the final decision to categorically exclude a propsed action concerning a categorical exclusion? authorized decision maker
when an environmental assessment is being prepared and ther are not any findings of no significant impact found, what may a decision maker mark on the findings? finding of no significant impact(FONSI)
what type of directives does the president of the US issue? executive orders
what are formal agreements with the host nation tha require actions above and beyond local requirements? FGS
what publication do we use to develop FGS and in case where no FGS exist it provides the compiance criteria for use by AF? OEBGD
when are major installations required to conduct internal environmental compliance assessment and external compliance assessments? annually and once every three years
within how many days must an inspection team complete ECAMP final reports? 180 days for external; 120 days for internal
what guides are available for distrubtion throughtout the industry to include guidelines and frequently violated regulations? NIOSH
What item under the OSHA provides requirements to manage identification and knowledge of hazardous waste? Hazard communication standard
who must develop, implement, and maintain a written hazard communication program for their workplaces? employers
what type of respirator must you see if youare removing lead based paint froma structure? certified with high efficiency particulate air HEPA filters
when does asbestos pose the greatest risk? when it is released into the air
what are the most common colors of floor tile that have been found to contain asbestos? dark green, brown, red
what federal agency was originally responsible for enforcing pesticide legislation? DOA
What allowed manufacturers to prodice and sell pesticides even if the US DOA refused to register them>? FIFRA registration loophole
What federal agency now regulates pesticide use? DOA
what requires the federal government to reimburse the cost of pesticides held by consumers that they couldnt use because the federal government has suspended their use? the indemnification section in FIFRA
for what does EPCRA section 302 require facilities to notify the state emergency response commission and the local emergency planning committee? presence of any "extremely hazardous substance"
what form covers releases and transfers of toxic chemcials to various facilities and environmental media? Form R
What do we call prohibitions to placing a certain hazardous wastes into a surface impoundment of landfill intil they meet treatment standards? Land-ban disposal restrictions LDR
what hazardous waste is a discarded chemcial product (in its pure form) that is an acute hazard? P-code
how often do all personnel and supervisors who work with hazardous waste repeat training after the initial hazardous waste training? annually
how many years do hazardous waster generators keep training records of former employees from the last day the person worked? 3 years
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