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AP Euro mid final

study cards for the ap european mid final exam

what was the black death,how was it spread and who did it affect? what were its social and economic consequences? The plague occured in europe, and it was spread by the merchants who traveled on ships and also carried by rats it affected all walks of life but mainly stayed in the poor areas, which lost crops and were taxed heavily
what was the hundred year's war, what were th causes of it and who were the key players? What were the social and economic and dipolmatic consequences of it? england and france there has been a long fued between them over land and money
unum sanctum when pope boniface VIII asserted his rights against king philip the fair of france
what was the main idea of marsilus of padua's "defender of peace?' How did he depict the pope? subordinate member of society
babylonian captivity re-established papacy in rome
great schism the appearence between 2 of the rival popes
the broadest social division of the 11th century russia was between... freeman and slaves
boyars russian nobility
compare medieval europe to renaissnace europe politicaly and economically medieval europe was a fuedal society with agricultural economy where as rennaisance europe was characterizied as a growing nation economy
which city played a ket role in the trade between europe and the near east?? venice
how did social strife and political competition affect most italian cities? Life of the poor became terrible!
what city was highly influenced by cosmo de' medeci. what was his effect on the city? florence; he controlled the city internally from behind the closed doors, manipulating the constitution and influencing elections
who is known as the father of humanism petrach
what was the most important intellectual recovery made during the italian rennisance greek studies
describe the influences and characteristics of italian rennisance art? NOTHING WAS EVER ABSTRACT!!!
who were the great masters of high rennaisance art? michael angelo, rapheal, lenardo de vinci
in the 15th and 16th centuries, monarchs needed new national sources of income and created the by taxing which groups everything but the nobility
how did ferdinand and isabella create a strong spanish empire? what were the things they were able to do? unite through the catholic faith subdue realms, venture abroad with military
explain the profound impace erasmus had on martin luther erasmus planted the philosophic ideas the luther later inforced
in which countries did humanism prepare the way for the protestant reforms? everywhere except spain
what did the reformation first break out wittenburg germany and switzerland
explain the criticism of the catholic church indulgence...they did not help/ support the atheists
what did the medieval church teach about salvation joint venture /combination of good works and faith
indulgence pay to be forgiven/ to get to heaven
explain the consequences of martin luthers 95 thesis started the reformation and the way of religion
explain the causes and impact of german peasant revolt every body thought it as evil and looked down and frowned upon it
who led the reformation in zurich ulrich zwingli
what was the primary theological point of contention between luther and zwingli the nature of christs presense in the euchrist
the peace of augsburg enshrine regional princely control over region imperial law came after reformation
what was the reformation parliment and what was its outcome parliment for henry viii's affair head of church clergy controlled under the law
the act of succession heir to throne
Ignatius of loyola organized the new order of jesusits served as the churhc soldier of christ
who was the most succesful politique queen elizabethI of england
how did henry IV stun france, spain, and the pope? by declaring france as tolerant catholics
what was the edict of nantes and what were it's criticisms? freedom of public worship, right of assmebly,state within a state
describe the factors that lead england and spain to war. what event was the climax of hostilities between spain and france england didnt have a strong navy .spanish sent armand to invadr but failed
describe the spainish economy in the late 16th and 17th centuries inflation more demand then supply/ scarcity
who was edwards vi's successor despite his wishes mary tudor (mary I)
what event immeadialty triggered pope sixtus V to give support to spain the execution of amry queen of scots
what event weakened spanish domininace in eureop from which it never fully recovered defeat of the spanish armada
following the weakening of spain whihc country dominanted europ in the early 17th century england
describe the political and economic structure of germany in the 16th century and its realtionship to the rest of europe germany was fragmented and fairly poor because trade sucked and there were many different rulers
describe the thirty years war a revolt against an unpopular king
explain the views the dutch had on religion toleration
what were the 2 post important models of european political development in the early modern period political and absolute monarchy
diving right of kings kingfs only were judged by god
what was the key feature of 18th century french political life? limited power
hohenzollern prussia
romanov russia
habsburg austria
explain the significance of st. petersburg for russian political power it symbolized the oreintation of westernization
explain galileos beliefs on nature nature displayed mathematical regularity in the details
nicolaus copernicus who was he and what did he write he was a priest scientist he made a calendar , heliocentric and wrote on the revolution of heavenly spheres
in the early 16ht century the standard explanation of the earths place in the heaven combined work of what individuals poltemy and aristotle
what were francis bacon's beliefs about nature knowledge og nature used to improve conditions in life
how did hobbes view human beings he believed people were naturally born evil
according to locke what was should the relationship between rulers and the governed be? pope ....respected them if they got respect but if the nobility did something that the pope did not like or respec the church could take over!
what are the main point of the women witch article women are evil overall
old regime social...economic..political relationships before the french revolution
neo localism kids lived away from their families to earn more money
what happened to the bread prices in the 18th century steadily but slowly rose
explain why the industrial revolution arrived in britain first more population/ labor supply
between 1600 and 1750 which cities grew fast ones with capitals and/ or ports
which countries were the three main rivals during the colonization era france and spain versus england
explain the concept of mercantilism what were the conditions of it? concept-get more gold and silver for your home country....online trade within your country or colony...thereby you will be secure and protected
where did the heart of the 18th century colonial rivalry lay in the americas west indies
what were the causes of the war of jenkins ear the spanish flota system stopped jenkins boat cut off his ear..which he brought back to the king and thus the war started
what nation was significantly freer netherlands...
encyclopedia spread enlightenment throughout europe
what did adam smith advocate and end of mercantile system
voltaires views on women not inferior...wanted them to have a wider society role...sympathetic to womens appearnece
why did monarchs make enlightened reforms increase revnues and political support
why did louis xvi convene the estates general to raise tax revnues
how did the aristocracy attempt to limit the influence of the third estate national assembly
tennis cour oath oath between the members of the 3rd estate in which the promised to meet until a new constitution was in place
what produced riots throughout winter and spring of 1789 in france bread prices
the declaration of rights of man was produced by national assembly
jacobins not conservative
what did the sans culottes want above all else immediate relief from high prices and food shortages
what was the most humane form of execution during the reign of terror guillotine
what were the results of the thermidorian reaction? never ended public violence but ousted the jacobins from all power and there followers
the treaty of campo formio took austria out of the war
explain the ways in whihc napoleon worked to restore order in france employed men from various political groups
the napoleonic code civil code 1804 abolished inheritance
the battle of trafalgar sea battle fought between british royal navy and the combined spanish and french navy ...the british were led by lord nelson and the british won
by 1812 whihc country had withdrawn from the continental system russia
romanticism- what emerged from it nationalism
what country gained control of northern italy after the congress of vienna austia
the philosophies if immanual kant human perceptioon is based on the minds own activity and sensory
who was the most important german philospher in the romantic era? hegel